Internship Report On Camel Ratings of Jamuna Bank Ltd

The internship report has been prepared on the subject titled “CAMEL Ratings of Jamuna Bank Limited”. The main aim of this report is to find out the CAMEL Ratings of Jamuna Bank. From this analysis of CAMEL Ratings Has been done from the annual report issued by Jamuna Bank from the year 2008-2009 which was the main source of information. Besides this, some chapters contains the products and services, CAMEL Ratings of Jamuna Bank is also been discussed. The banking sector is one of the stable financial institutions of a country. Any institution that accepts money for the purpose of lending or investment deposits from public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and with transferable by checks can be termed as bank. In today’s world, all types of financial transactions are mainly done through bank. Achievements of high economic growth are the basic objective of present economicpolicy of Bangladesh government. In achieving this objective, the banking sector is playing an important role. Jamuna Bank Limited has by now attained a unique position of a leading private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Jamuna Bank Limited is one of the fronts-ranking third generation private sector commercial banks which have a reputation of being the provider of good quality services to their customers. It has started its operation on 3rd June 2001.The overall growth of the Jamuna Bank Limited shows that they have enough efficiency over customer services. The company observes growth in its entire sector. The bank mobilizes deposit of BDT 4835.62 million till December 2009 compared to BDT 27307.94 million at the end of 2008. The total loans and advances stood at BDT 3228.77 million at the end of 2009 as against that of BDT 21036.86 million up to 2008 . Investment in Jamuna Bank Limited is also increasing rapidly and bank is getting a good response from the clients in different investment schemes. As because of increase in the overall customer satisfaction, the customers feel encouraged to deposit more. The higher growth of deposits attribute to excellent customer services rendered by the officials along with the attractive deposit schemes.
Well-educated, dedicated, skilled and enterprising workforce is the sine-qua-non for the progress and development of a service oriented industry like Bank. From very first emergence and inception of modern civilization, Bank plays a pivotal role in case of overall financial and socioeconomic development of any modern country. The economic development of our country mainly depend upon the efficiency of the banking results is so far as, whether the bankers have been able to read the economic situation properly and are successful in selecting the promising industrial sectors seeking import and export assistance to grow. With the rapid changes of time mans are readily depend on banking services in case of handling cash, transferring cash, and also financing in various industrial and business projects. So it is very much needed to develop the general banking practices in order to provide better day-to-day banking services to the valued customers. Because a service oriented industry a bank should believe that customers is all and the king. The government of our country and the central bank i.e., the Bangladesh Bank has decided to extend considerable help in every respect of general banking to concerned people. Like other nationalized and non-nationalized commercial banks the Jamuna Bank Limited serves the nation by providing various modern banking services and products. So as an Internee I thought of having special knowledge on this field of increased importance.

1.2 Origin of the report:
Internship is a prerequisite for completing the practical side to fulfill the BBA program. Theoretical sessions alone cannot make a business student efficient and perfect in handling the real life business situation. Only a lot of knowledge will be little important unless it is applicable in practical life. So we need proper application of our knowledge to get some benefit from our theoretical knowledge to make it more fruitful. When we engage ourselves in such fields to make proper use of our theoretical knowledge in our practical life situation, only then we come to know about the benefit of the theoretical knowledge. Such an application is made possible through internship.

1.3 Scope of the Study:
As I was posted to Jamuna Bank Limited, Dhanmondi Branch, the scope of the study is only limited to this branch, the report covers its overall department wise function, structure and performance. The report also covers details about Jamuna Bank Limited.

1.4 Objective of the Study:
The primary objective of the report is to comply with the requirement of Internship Program for the purpose of completing the BBA degree Under private university rules and regulations. However, there are some additional objectives behind this study are summarized in the following manner:
Find out the financial condition of Branch by using CAMEL.
To know the general banking activity of Jamuna Bank Ltd.

· To study CAMEL ratings of Jamuna Bank Limited and Dhanmondi Branch.
· To know the procedure of CAMEL rating analysis.
· To analyze the overall financial condition of the bank.
· To suggest some techniques to improve present condition.

1.5 Methodology:
All the information incorporated in this report has been collected both from the primary sources as well as from the secondary sources. Primary sources included direct observation and interview of bank staffs. The secondary data have been collected from the MIS of Jamuna Bank Limited. To clarify different conceptual matters, Internet and different articles published in the journals and magazines have been used. I used some software like MS Word & Excel for calculation and analysis data.