An overview of Standard bank limited & its customer satisfaction level

Internship is one of the most integral part of DBA program. I have completed my three months internship period in Standard Bank Limited (Panthopath Branch). Based on the knowledge that I gather from practical field, I prepared my Internship-report entitled "The Overall Activities Of Standard Bank Limited On General Banking".

Bank is the financial intermediary that plays a vital role to form financial relationship between surplus unit and deficit unit of society of a country. With slogan of "Setting a new standard in banking" Standard Bank Limited (SBL) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on May 11, 1999 under the Companies Act, 1994 and the Bank achieved satisfactory progress from its commercial operations on June 03, 1999. SBL has introduced several new products' on credit and deposit schemes. It also goes for Corporate and Retail Banking etc. The Bank also participated in fund Syndication with other Banks. Through all these myriad activities SBL has created a positive impact in the Market.

In 22 August, 2005 Standard Bank Limited has established their 16 Branch at Panthopath. The main reason for establishment of this branch at Panthopath is to provide their modern banking service to the people and organizations of this area. With 14 permanent employees the branch wants to delight its corporate office by satisfying its corporate mission, vision and objectives properly. This branch is consists of three sections, such as General Banking Section, Advance Section, and Foreign Exchange Section. But now this branch has changed their location form Panthpath to Hatirpool near The Estern Plaza, as because of some strategic view point because here they get some business giant who are involved in marble tiles and sanitary instruments and also the business man of Estern Plaza and Motaleb Plaza.
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INTERNSHIP REPORT ON Customer Satisfaction of Exim Bank

This report is prepared on the basis of my practical experience at EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited. (Elephant Road Branch). The internship program helps me to learn more about the practical situation of a financial institution. Exim Bank is a newly formed bank in Bangladesh. which started its operation as a conventional banking, later it convert its operation from conventional to Shariah based banking for the sake of customers demand. Though exim bank is a third generation bank incorporated in 2nd June ,1999, it work as a professional way. exim bank does the normal tasks of any other financial institution such as : Account opening, provide advance, act as a advising and negotiating bank. For all of the tasks three separate department( Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Product and advance) are responsible. But Customer Service is crucial one. because it deals with customers spontaneously. So the person employed in banking System are very much friendly with the customers. Exim bank does not use full on- line banking for that reason it face difficulty to provide on-line services to the customers.

Most of the Export Import bank get through Customer Satisfaction operations, . Banking operations start with A/c opening. That means if any want to maintain a relation with bank, at first he/she must open an account whether it is SB, CD ,or any other A/C. When a person want to open a bank account he has to provide some document to the bank as per requirement of different A/C. After opening a bank A/C a person can involve in any other department of the bank. So, in that report at first I focused on the account opening section, than remittances, cash, deposit and clearance section. All of the sections have to work with each other.

An Alysis of The SME Loan of BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank Limited is a scheduled Commercial Bank in Bangladesh. It established in Bangladesh under the Banking Companies Act, 1991 and incorporated as Private Limited Company on May 20, 1999 under the Companies Act, 1994. Its operation started on July 4, 2001 with a vision to be the market leader through to providing all sorts’ support to people in term of promoting corporate and small entrepreneurs and individuals all over the Bangladesh. BRAC Bank will be a unique organization in Bangladesh. The bank consist of major divisions named 1) Corporate banking, 2) Retail banking, 3) Treasury, 4) Small & Medium Enterprise (SME).

BRAC Bank is trying to develop economic condition of the country. So the bank provides loan facility 3 to 30 lacs taka to that small and medium enterprise that has no easy access to banks/financial institutes. The bank already established 36 Zones and 900 unit offices all over the country. There are 1185 Customer Relation Officers (CRO) providing door-to-door service to clients.

SME, BRAC Bank may provide 100% of net required working capital but not exceeding 75% of the aggregate value of the inventory and account receivable. Asset Operation Department acts as the last line defense of the bank. This division is responsible for the complete disbursement, recovery and closing procedures. The procedures start form the sanction of the SME loan.

The core competence of the BRAC Bank is to provide the fastest loans to the clients in this country. To retain this competitive advantage BRAC Bank would provide computer and palmtop facilities whether they can give fastest services to clients than other banks. Also to convey the customer focus, BRAC Bank is trying to reduce collateral securities than other banks. It provides more collateral free secured loans to capture the market. Regarding the services by the CRO, almost all clients are satisfied by get these quick facilities from them. Though it is pioneer division of this bank, I tried to give an in-depth analysis for every factor, which relates the SME division from the perspective of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

An Analysis of Foreign Exchange Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited

Today necessity of a Bank as a financial institution is undeniable. A country is financially rich when it has modern financial institutions of its own. These institutions play a vital role in the field of financial stability of a country. Banking sector is one of the stable financial institutions of a country. Due to Globalization and Technological changes, the banking business has become very competitive now a day. All banks are competing to give effective real time service to their customers. For giving friendly service to the customers they need experienced and well-educated working force. Here both primary and secondary information were used. Interview was the basic techniques comply to collect primary sources from any people within the organization. Information about the varieties of activities within the Correspondent Banking Department was collected through interviewed. Among the secondary sources to collect data regarding the Annual reports2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 of Mercantile bank limited(MBL), Internet used as a theoretical source of information, Periodical published by Bangladesh Bank, Different publications regarding banking function, and Web sites and Newsletter as a major sources.

Mercantile bank limited (MBL) is one of the technological advanced private commercial bank in the country having wide branch and associate network through the country. All the branches are running with real-time online and ATM facilities to settle their transaction from remote areas. This bank has been playing a vital role in socio economic, Industrial and agriculture development. Bank credit is an important catalyst for bring about economic development in a country. The Mercantile bank limited (MBL) plays an important role to move the economic Wheel of the country. The Foreign Exchange division plays significant roles through providing different services for the customer. Foreign exchange department also provide foreign remittance like travelers, money gram, foreign demand draft etc. The Foreign Exchange department of Mercantile


Internee is an important part in the MBA program. It has given an opportunity to practically learn about the corporate world, its functions and gather experience.

I was always curious about Islamic banking and finance and want to know its investment practices. Interest is very harmful for our society. I wanted to know how Islami bank is providing services without considering interest. So I wanted to perform my internee in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. I am very grateful to Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd that it has given me the opportunity to perform my internee in their bank.

I have chosen Welfare Investment Schemes of IBBL as my topic of the internee report. It has helped me to better understand the investment mechanism, its procedure, terms and conditions. I have been able to understand how Islamic banks are providing interest-free services to its clients. Interest is very harmful for our society. It creates inflation, social unrest, unemployment, poverty, crimes in our society. Although interest is harmful for our society, most of the financial institutions are based on interest. But at present many financial institutions have understand the need of interest free services and for that reason they have opened Islamic banking wing for the clients.

Operations Management of Holcim (Bangladesh) Ltd

Bangladesh is the one of those countries that will go through rapid growth where huge constructions are necessary. And for these huge constructions we need high quality cement, which has also reasonable price.

Holcim is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cement, aggregates and concrete. From its origins in Switzerland, the Group has grown into a global company with market presence in over 70 countries on all continents.

Holcim (Bangladesh) Ltd, former Hyundai Cement Bangladesh Company Limited, unites the heritage of their past with the potential of their future. Holcim Bangladesh is a member of the Holcim Group - one of the world‘s leading suppliers of cement, aggregates and concrete. It has 500 people, operates three cement plants and has an annual cement production capacity of 1.3 million ton. The primary objective of the Holcim Foundation is the non-commercial promotion and development of sustainable construction at the nation, regional and global levels.

Holcim Cement Bangladesh Ltd is the first company in Bangladesh to introduce Portland composite cement. At the start, Bangladeshi market was based on Portland cement (OPC) which was an expensive product. The scenario changed in the year 2002 when HBL introduced Portland composite cement in Bangladesh. Holcim did not only introduce this type of cement in Bangladeshi market, it also took the pioneering steps of creating the PCC market by vigorous trainings, sessions, workshops. Today 90-95% of current cement market is dominated by PCC. Concrete made with this cement gains higher long term strength. It is more efficient in saline weather. Big structures like Petronas towers (Malaysia), Hoover Dam and many other structures of the world are constructed using this cement. Composite Cement is the future for the construction industry of Bangladesh.

Investment Trend and Social Impact of Shahjalal Islami Bank

As a student of business administration analysis today’s business word is very crucial to observe in this complex situation. It is necessary to go through all fields of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. After passing 4 years BBA program, I was send out to have practical knowledge in business life as a part of my academic program.

The banking system plays a vital role in economic sector of a country. The Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited´ was incorporated as a public limited company as on 1st day of April 2001 under the Companies Act.1994.This bank there have dissident type of product and services. I have done my internship in Shahjalal Islami Bank ltd and my topic was the “Investment trend and Social impact of Shahjalal Islami Bank”. Investment sector is a important element for every Bank because it will be effect on growth rate of a Bank.

The report contains (4) chapters. The first chapter of the report describes the inductor words of internship report while the second chapter is all about the organization and used in the preparation of the report. The third chapter contains the analysis and findings of Investment trend and social impact of Shahjalal Islami Bank. The including chapter bearing number four contains the findings during the three months long internship perioBangladesh is a developing country. The banking system plays a vital role in economic sector.

Tackling River Bank Erosion- Achievement and Challenges

Riverbank erosion, one of the major natural disasters in Bangladesh, causes untold miseries every year to thousands of people living along the banks of the rivers of Bangladesh. Bank erosion solely has rendered millions of homeless and has become a major social hazard. A substantial part of slum dwellers in large urban and metropolitan towns and cities is victims of riverbank erosion.

The rivers of Bangladesh are very active and morphologically dynamic. As a result some parts of the country is very susceptible to river bank erosion. The unpredictable process of erosion creates dramatic consequences in the lives of people living in those areas. This study was conducted in Chandpur town to assess the magnitude of river bank erosion in this area. The study reveals the existing vulnerable conditions of the people living in this area. It focuses the socio-demographic profile of the victims to measure the effect of river bank erosion (RBE). A significant proportion of the victims are compelled to leave their original homestead plot and take shelter in other places due to bank erosion. In fact, the RBE has identified as the leading cause of increased level of unemployment, poverty and landless people which substantially create negative impact on the entire economy of the country.