Internship Report on Foreign Exchange Activities of Exim Bank Limited: A Study on Nawabpur Branch

This report is prepared on the basis of my three-month practical experience at EXIM Bank Limited, Nawabpur Branch. This internship program helps me to learn more about the practical situation of a financial institution. Banking system of Bangladesh has gone through three phases of development- Nationalization, Privatization, and Lastly Financial Sector Reform. Export Import Bank Of Bangladesh Limited has started its journey as a private commercial bank on August 3, 1999.The whole working process of EXIM Bank Limited, Nawabpur Branch is divided into 3 sections- (i) General Banking Section, (ii) Investment Section, and (iii) Foreign Exchange Section. This report has been presented based on my practical observation and experience gathered from the Branch and the focus is given on the Foreign Exchange Section.
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A descriptive Foreign Trade Operation of Mercantile Bank Ltd

Banks are most active financial intermediary in today’s world. As a financial institution bank mainly operate to communicate among persons and effectively works as safeguard among them in this age globalization. In recent economy banks plays a vital role to entrust international trade, it’s quite impossible to commit international without help of banks and it also properly works to hedge away risk international traders. Banks operates most effectively to settle any transactions within different countries either trade purposes or personal purposes. This report tries to identify banks role foreign exchange management through evaluating foreign exchange operations of MBL, Banani branch. I examine different aspects foreign exchanges innovation, development, regulations and related work papers to identify its impact, position and usefulness as banking procedures. The report provides a general view on Mercantile Bank Limited, theoretical aspects related to international trade and foreign exchange transactions as well as gives idea about foreign exchange regulations used in Bangladesh to control related financial institutions.

A Dissertation Report On Retail Banking

This report named “Retail Banking and Performance Evaluation of The City Bank Ltd.

This report comprises of 7(seven) chapters –

First chapter provides the background of the study. It describes the origin, Objective, scope & limitations of the report. Second chapter describes the methodology of the report that covers the sources of data, techniques of analysis and the relevant data table for Time series analysis using Least squares method and Regression analysis. Third Chapter describes about the Retail Banking, Services & Profile of the City Bank Limited. Fourth Chapter provides SWOT analysis & a graphical presentation of last Five years performance of the bank. It also describes about the deposit mix of the CBL and the contribution of the different accounts in the deposit mix and the percentage of these deposit accounts in the total deposit collections for last five years. Here different schemes of the CBL, its contribution in deposit are also described. Fifth Chapter provides a comparative study between prime Bank, Brac Bank & the City Bank ltd. Sixth Chapter describes Different kinds of Ratio analysis which helps to express the financial performance about City Bank. Here the result of the Time Series analysis and the regression analysis and findings regarding this report is also expressed. Seventh Chapter describes the Policy implication and the conclusion part of the report.

Death Audit In Medicine Department Of DMCH

Brain death is the irreversible end of all brain activity (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life) due to total necrosis of the cerebral neurons following loss of brain oxygenation. In medical practice, several causes of death include acute myocardial infraction, heart failure, arrhythmias, septicemia, COPD, poisoning etc. Vital statistics outlining the major causes of death in a population are an important measure of public health. We have no adequate data regarding causes of death in our country. Thus the aim of this study is to identify the causes of death from acute emergency and in chronic medical diseases with some demographic profiles.

It is an observational study and the study period was 6 months (September, 2010 to February 2011). The patients who died after admission in medicine ward of Dhaka Medical College Hospital are enrolled. The study group consists of 100 subjects of whom 62 was male and 38 was female.

Cyclone Hazard And Its Management

The term“cyclone” introduced by British meteorologist Henry Piddington (1797–1858) in 1848, perhaps < Greek kyklôn revolving (presentparticiple of kykloûn to revolve, verbal derivative of kýklos; seecycle); apparently confused by Piddington with kýklōma wheel, snake’s coil.

An atmospheric system characterized by the rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low-pressure center, usually accompanied by stormy, often destructive weather. Cyclones circulate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. A violent tropical storm, especially one originating in the southwestern Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean.

An atmospheric circulation system in which the sense of rotation of the wind about the local vertical is the same as that of the Earth's rotation. Thus, a cyclone rotates clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. In meteorology the term cyclone is reserved for circulation systems with horizontal dimensions of hundreds (tropical cyclones) or thousands (extratropical cyclones) of kilometers. For such systems the Coriolis force due to the Earth's rotation, which is directed to the right of the flow in the Northern Hemisphere, and the pressure gradient force, which is directed toward low pressure, are in opposite directions. Thus, there must be a pressure minimum at the center of the cyclone, and cyclones are sometimes simply called lows.

A Report on Investment Trend and Social Impact-Shahjalal Islami Bank

As a student of business administration analysis today’s business word is very crucial to observe in this complex situation. It is necessary to go through all fields of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. After passing 4 years BBA program, I was send out to have practical knowledge in business life as a part of my academic program.

The banking system plays a vital role in economic sector of a country. The Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited´ was incorporated as a public limited company as on 1st day of April 2001 under the Companies Act.1994.This bank there have dissident type of product and services. I have done my internship in Shahjalal Islami Bank ltd and my topic was the “Investment trend and Social impact of Shahjalal Islami Bank”. Investment sector is a important element for every Bank because it will be effect on growth rate of a Bank.

The report contains (4) chapters. The first chapter of the report describes the inductor words of internship report while the second chapter is all about the organization and used in the preparation of the report. The third chapter contains the analysis and findings of Investment trend and social impact of Shahjalal Islami Bank. The including chapter bearing number four contains the findings during the three months long internship period, recommendation based on the findings and overall conclusion.

A Statistical Analysis On Determinants Of Share Price Movements

Business statistics is the science of good decision making in the face of uncertainty and is used in many disciplines such as financial analysis, econometrics, auditing, production and operations including services improvement, and marketing research.

These sources feature regular repetitive publication of series of data. This makes the topic of time series especially important for business statistics. It is also a branch of applied statistics working mostly on data collected as a by-product of doing business or by government agencies. It provides knowledge and skills to interpret and use statistical techniques in a variety of business applications. A typical business statistics course is intended for business majors, and covers statistical study, descriptive statistics (collection, description, analysis, and summary of data), probability, and the binomial and normal distributions, test of hypotheses and confidence intervals, linear and multiple regression, and correlation.

Time series analysis comprises methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics of the data. Time series forecasting is the use of a model to forecast future events based on known past events to predict data points before they are measured. Time series are very frequently plotted via line charts.

An internship report on Credit Management of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Uttara Bank Ltd. is one of the largest and front ranking first generation, oldest private-sector commercial bank in Bangladesh, with years of experience. Adaptation of modern technology both in terms of equipment and banking practice ensures efficient service to clients. The Bank has been carrying out business through its 211 branches spreading all over the country. The management of the bank consists of a team led by senior bankers with vast experience in national and international markets. The bank has more than 600 foreign correspondents world wide.

As we know the credit department is allied with the definition of the banking. Through this department bank makes a bridge with the deficit sector of the economy. This department of the bank is most important as this unit ensures interest income- the key source of earnings of banks. The history of the banking industry points toward many banks, which have become penniless due to the mismanagement of the credit department. My study is on Credit Management of Uttara Bank Ltd.

The report starts with the introductory part, which contains the first element about organizational information of Uttara Bank followed by the second component, which describes the business of the organization.

The project part, the essence of the report, continues the second half of the report. It starts with the types of credit of UBL, and then comes the discussion of loan processing, which contains the discussion of how the bank manage its loan from very early of the loan application to the loan disbursement. The necessary documentation procedure and the required documents that are needed to allot a loan are narrated here. Loan and advance is not free from the restrictions, the restrictions of loan and advance is discussed here in this part also.

The analysis proposal of loan and advance comes next. In this part, it is narrated that before taking decision of loan disbursement the bank needs to prepare Credit Information Bureau (CIB) report to analysis of the project feasibility from which the bank is going to allot the loan amount. How the credit officers analyze Credit Risk and Borrower Rating is focused here in this section of the report. The management of the loan actually starts after the sanctioning of the loan, because the efficiency of the credit manager is laid in fast recovery of the disbursed loan amount.