internship report on Mobile Banking of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Keeping affiliation with the global technological changes, the banking sector of this country has been undergoing a remarkable change during the last couple of years. Electronic banking is the most luminous example of such change. Internet banking (earlier forms of E- banking) made the banking service easy for the customer and Mobile Banking (latest form of E- Banking) made it easier than before. Banking services are no more confined to the bank, but in the hand of the people. Mobile banking is the way that made it possible to bring mass population under the banking services and reach the banking facilities at the doorstep of the people. Mobile banking is possible with simple mobile phone device and is available in both the developed and developing countries. Mobile banking has already availed the global acceptance due to its availability.
Just understanding its future prospects Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) has first ever introduced mobile banking service in the banking history of Bangladesh. Within ten month of its inauguration, it has acquired more than 2 lac customers and everyday this number is increasing with a remarkable number. With this new product the bank is enjoying competitive advantage over others. With its succession some of the banks have introduced and many others are in the process to be introduced. However, this is an internship report over DBBL highlighting the topic “Mobile Banking of DBBL.” The aim and objective of this study is to find out the Problems & prospects of DBBL mobile banking and evaluate its effectiveness in the banking sector of Bangladesh. To justify the effectiveness and acceptance of mobile banking of DBBL, a questionnaire surveys have been conducted among the mobile account holders of Dutch- Bangla Bank. Survey has been conducted over 50 customers with 12 questions. The survey shows that most of the customers have given their important opinion in favor of DBBL and they become benefited of having mobile banking account and are happy of having the account. It has been observed that mobile banking is beneficial both for the customer and the bank itself.

Mobile Banking is a term that is now a buzzword in the modern business world. Mobile banking generally refers to the financial services delivered via mobile networks and performed on a mobile phone. It is now a burning issue in banking service. It is a systematic set of process that enable bank customers to have bank services through mobile phone starting from a simple mobile handset to Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). Nowadays mobile banking has increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and for economic development. Due to immense advances of information and communication technology (ICT), mobile phone reached every corner of the world. It provides some attractive features for the customers than those offered by traditional banking system such as to open an account, depositing, withdrawing, balance transferring etc. and it takes less time than traditional system. In case of traditional banking system a fund transfer, for instance, used to take several days whereas online banking is capable to perform the same operations within few seconds at free of cost. Although internet banking gives the customer's anytime access to their banks. However the biggest limitation of Internet banking is the requirement of a PC with an Internet connection. Mobile banking helped to overcome this barrier.
From the viewpoint of reaching the banking services at its extensive level, Dutch-Bangla Bank ltd (DBBL), a leading bank in Bangladesh brings mobile banking as a pioneer in the ever mobile banking history of Bangladesh. The bank has been thinking exceptionally from the inception of its functioning. As its consequences, DBBL got the recognition for its donations to social causes and its IT investment (largest ATM network). However, mobile banking was the new product mix of DBBL and already it has obtained a huge acceptance from the clients. From this viewpoint I have been interested to prepare an interny report on mobile banking. This paper is entitled to ‘Mobile Banking of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL)’ originated from the fulfillment of the internship program under DBBL, Kawran Bazar Branch.

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