Report On HRD and Compliance Policies Of Aboni Knitwear Limited

The buyers of readymade garments (RMG) products from Bangladesh have been more and more insisting on the observation of various standards in the RMG industries. In fact, these have become as good as non-tariff barriers to exporting RMG products. The buyers also cannot be blamed in many cases for demanding compliance with these issues such as payment of adequate salaries to workers and other benefits to them as well as ensuring of safe working conditions. Lawmakers, environmental and different civic groups in the importing countries have been making demands on

their own businesses to ensure compliance with these standards and the businesses find it hard in many instances to ignore them. However, some of the buyers are noted to be making their exclusive demand on RMG exporters from Bangladesh under the guise of meeting standards.
It is imperative for the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to take the initiative in identifying such non-compliant units and warn them and extend all sorts of assistance to them in meeting the compliance requirements. The goal should be one of achieving full compliance by all the RMG units at the earliest for the longer term security of the RMG sector as a whole.

Aboni knitwear limited is maintaining compliance issues for a long time. They follow different of policies for HRD& compliance department. Hence, this report will provide about their varieties of policies and their application. It will also give information about their performance, their leakages and possible solutions. 

Origin of the report

The BBA internship program is a mandatory requirement for the students who are graduating from the BBA program of Uttara University, Department of Business Administration. 

In the internship program, I was attached to a host organization named Aboni Knitwear Limited (a sister concern of Babylon Group' for 12 weeks. During this period I learned how the host organization works with the help of the internal supervisor. As a result I have decided to make a report on “An overview of HRD and Compliance policies of Aboni Knitwear Limited”

Objective of the report

The objective of this study is to have a clear concept and some practical experience about “An overview of HRD and Compliance policies of Aboni Knitwear Limited. “of an organization. However, we had some textbook knowledge but had little in reallife, practice so ever. 
This report is designed to know more about the overall Compliance policies of the ‘Aboni Knitwear Limited. In addition, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To know about different types Compliance policies in Aboni Knitwear Limited.
  • To know about maintain and implement of Labor Act, 2006-2010.
  • To know about procedures to reduce employee absenteeism and migration.
  • To know about procedures of Buyers Satisfaction.
  • To know about Buyers Code of Conduct (COC).
Scope of the study
  • To know about compliance policies of Aboni Knitwear Limited.
  • To know what kind of activities are done in garments sector. 
  • To know about the compliance issues of the Babylon Group. 
Methodology of the study
I have got all the relevant information from my working experience with Aboni Knitwear Limited, their Annual report, some circular, Babylon Group web site and such. Some information is taken from some of my friends.

Primary data: The primary data of this report is the information, which is gathered from Babylon Group while I worked with them.
Secondary data: The secondary data of this report are collected from Babylon Group Annual report, and also some reports from which I got idea about the way of writing a report. 
Secondary Sources: Secondary data are collected in the following ways: