Internship Report on Recruitment and Selection Procedure: A Case Study on Southeast Bank Limited

Southeast Bank Limited is a commercial bank, play an important role in the economic growth of the country. Primarily, the customers are the major source of fund, deposits and transactions of currency in any banking area or other financial institutions. For this reason, individuals and government are very much dependent on the effective and efficient service of the banks. Banks also ensure the security and comfort of the customers.

Southeast Bank Limited (SBL) is one of the leading and most successful institutions in the banking sector. A commitment to quality and excellence is the hallmark of their identity.

The most credibility of this bank is the best quality of Recruitment and Selection Procedure of Human Resource by which bank‘s reputation has been increasing and expanding the overall curriculum with good name & fame in the country and abroad.

SBL consider quality the Recruitment and Selection Procedure of Human Resources of the bank as the single most valuable asset to attain the organizational goals. Efficient human resources of the Bank are the main tools of its success. Human Resource audits summarize each employee’s skill and ability. It is used for career planning of the employees.

This study is based on the secondary data and collecting journal, various publications, company vouchers have been used. For collecting primary data few face-to-face interview sessions have been conducted.

Dimension of banking all over the world has been changing rapidly due to the deregulation of globalization and technological innovation. Now-a-days banking business has been facing more competition locally as well as globally. To survive in this competitive banking world, banks require developing appropriate financial structure, developing professionalism in the sense of developing appropriate Recruitment policy and Training Development policy of Human Resources of the Bank. Bank should review their periodically statements and compare their performance with its competitors to build strong and sound banking institution.

As a student of BBA course in the University of Development Alternative, this report is a partial requirement of our course curriculum. This report has been prepared after a thorough analysis about the recruitment and selection procedure of banking organization in particular Southeast Bank Ltd. Bangladesh. While analyzing I have studied related information and primary data’s of my reach related to Human resources division of the bank mainly focusing the recruitment and selection procedure, also other relevant data’s through the website and specially the annual report of the Southeast bank ltd.

1.2 Background of the study:
In business studies like BBA, internship is an arrangement to put the potential managers into an environment of business, where they are exposed to challenges often met in the real life business organizations. At University of Development Alternative (UODA), internship program is a must criterion for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students, designed to put them in a challenging environment of the relevant field, where the students get ample opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical applications. During the internship training, students have the opportunity to adopt themselves into the particular environment of the organization. It provides a unique opportunity to see the reality of business during student life, which enables them to building confidence and working knowledge in advance of the start of their career. This report contains details of internship program in Southeast Bank Limited.

1.3. Objective:
The study has been undertaken with the following objectives:
The topic “Recruitment and Selection Procedure of Southeast Bank Limited” gave me an opportunity to have an exposure to the working environment and on-the -job experience in Human Resources Division (HRD) of Southeast Bank Limited (SBL).

This study has been conducted to focus on the following key objectives and their relevant facts:
* To analyze the recruitment and selection procedure of Human Resource Practices and explain of Southeast Bank Limited.
* To identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing recruitment and selection procedure of Southeast Bank Limited.
* To recommend about some of existing recruitment and selection procedure of HRD at Southeast Bank Limited.

1.4. Scope of the Study:
Now in this global arena the activities of commercial banking are very fast. The scope of this report is limited to the head office only. This report is an attempt to analyze the organizational structure, banking performance, the process of recruitment and selection of the Southeast Bank Ltd.

1.5. Methodology:
In this report I will concentrate on mainly Recruitment and Selection procedure of Southeast Bank Ltd as analyzed taking into consideration the primary and secondary data’s obtained from different sources as mentioned in later part of this report. To do so I will focus on: