Internship Report On General Banking Of Jamuna Bank Limited

The partner for growth, Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL) a public company limited by shares, incorporated in Bangladesh in the year 2001 under companies Act 1994. In Bangladesh as the economy and finance is the carrier of the country. Regarding the aspects of economic development, banking sector must be reform. In the process of forming a good economic system, private banks specially the JBL is paling an important role compare to the government banks in the country. That’s why I have prepared my internship report on Jamuna Bank Limited.

JBL undertakes all type of banking transactions to support the development of trade and commerce in the country. Where the Bank gives special emphasis on Export, Import, Trade Finance, SME Finance, Retail Credit and Finance to Women Entrepreneurs. Above all of their service they go through their objectives such as earning and maintaining CAMEL rating strong, establishing relationship banking, introducing fully automated systems, ensuring an adequate rate of return on investment, maintaining adequate liquidity to meet maturity obligations, pursuing an effective system of Management by transparency and accountability at all levels.
As a part of fulfilling their objectives through their customer JBL offers the following accounts: Current Deposits, Savings Bank Deposits, Fixed Deposits ,Short Term Deposits, Monthly Term Deposits, Any other deposits as may be approved/ advised by Head Office.
In General Banking, Clearing department receives cheques, DD, P.O. etc from depositors attached with a deposit slip.
The branches of the bank operate as independent accounting unit. They submit statement of affairs and other prescribed returns direct to Head Office where these are consolidated in the form of a statement showing assets and liabilities of whole Bank as at the close of business on Thursday and at the last working day of each month. 
The system of transactions of the bank is essentially double entry system of book keeping. But for quick and accurate recording as well as for arriving at daily financial position specialized form of double entry system book keeping, named slip system under self-balancing method is followed by the bank. The golden principle of debiting or crediting is the same as those of double entry system. In the bank, instead of recording transactions in a journal initially, these are directly recorded and posted in the ledger (computer) separating the debits and credits by slips or voucher system .
Foreign exchange is an important department of Jamuna Bank Limited, which deals with import, export and foreign remittances. Foreign Exchange is an International Department of the Bank. It facilitates international trade through its various modes of services. It bridges between importers and exporters. This department mainly deals in foreign currency, that’s why it is called foreign exchange department.

This department is playing an important role in enhancing export earning, which aids economic growth and in turn it helps for the economic development. On the other hand, it also helps to meet those goods and service, which are most demandable and not adequate in our country.

After completion of MBA program of the faculty of business studies, department of management studies, University of Jagannath, three months organizational attachment is must. So the preparation and submission of this report is partial requirement for the completion of the masters of Business Administration (MBA).This report is outcome of the three month long internship program conducted in Jamuna Bank Limited, one of the reputed private commercial banks of the country .While working in the bank the standard operating procedures carried out by the bank the standard operating procedures carried out by the bank were observed and understood.

Objectives of the Report
This report is prepared primarily to fulfill the of masters Business Administration (MBA) degree requirement in MBA program of the faculty of business studies, department of management studies, University of Jagannath.

Re secondary objectives of this report are:
§ To have exposure to the credit operation and other function of Jamuna Bank Limited.
§ To have a clear understanding of the business operation of Jamuna Bank Limited.
§ To discuss the services offered by Jamuna Bank Limited.
§ To assess and evaluate the growth trends of Jamuna Bank Limited.
§ To evaluate the profitability of Jamuna Bank Limited

1.3: Scope Of The Report

This report covered the over all banking system of JBL Bank Limited and also includes the relationship of the customers with the bank as well as the principals covered by the bank as a general banking system. 

1.4: Methodology
This report is based mainly on observations that I experienced during the internship period. Data required for this report were collected from the annual report of Jamuna bank. Apart from these, helpful information was collected from online resources. To analyze the performance of Jamuna bank limited different statistical and financial tools such as ratio analysis, growth analysis were done.

1.5: Source of Data
Both primary and secondary data have been collected.
I have gathered primary data by personal interview of the Executives of JBL. Mainly I have discussed with them verbally. I collected information from them and the annual report of Jamuna Bank Limited that was provided by the Local Branch (Dilkusha). I used journals, brochures, manuals and several books on Finance and Banking to prepare this report.
75% data collected from bank and articles, workshop and 25% are collected from the books as well as the information provided by the competitive banks.

That is for preparing the report smoothly and accurately I used primary data and secondary data. 
a) Primary Sources:
Direct interviews with relevant personnel.
Experts opinion
Official records of JBL.
b) Secondary Sources:
Relevant paper and publications
Annual reports of JBL.
Relevant books and references.
1.6: Data Analysis Method
I analyzed the data to find out the required information. I used necessary number of table, chart, and graph to present the report. Ms-Word, Excel or any required computer program used to process the data.
Quantitative data and based on this data analysis the final report was prepared.

Instruments are used: a) Questionnaire.
b) Interview.
1.7: Limitation Of The Report 
Although the officials were so busy, they gave me whole hearted cooperation in the time of internship also in preparing this report. It was such a nice experience I have gathered from JBL. But I have faced the following that may be terns as die limitations of the study.
No remuneration was provided
The first obstacle was that they would not provide any remuneration even TAJDA for doing internship in JBL.

Lack of records
Sufficient books, publications and figures were not available. If this limitation were not been there, the report would have been more useful.