Term Paper On Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance In Banking Sector Of Bangladesh

Life friendly human resource policies and practices are offered in the workplace to ameliorate the conflict between work and personal life. It has been well documented that an employee’s inability to balance work and non-work related responsibilities has resulted in negative consequences such as increased stress related illnesses. Accordingly, this study examines the relationship between an employee’s self report of the helpfulness of life friendly policies and his or her level of work/life balance. It is hypothesized that the perception of the helpfulness of available life friendly policies will predict self report ratings of work/life balance. 

Other concerns include the suggestion that employees who take-up life friendly policies lack commitment to their work or the organization. Some evidence in the literature suggests that managerial support can help explain an employee’s adoption of available work-life policies. Therefore this study also examines whether managerial support moderates the relationship between the helpfulness perception of life friendly policies and work/life balance. It is hypothesized that employees who perceive less managerial support are less likely to find life friendly policies helpful for balancing work and non-work/life. Furthermore, the managerial support is also helpful to lead to greater work/life balance. The current study reports on the data collected from 3 employees of a banking sector organization. A factor analysis produced three specific categories of policies reported by individuals as providing benefits to enhance work life balance. This dissertation discusses both theoretical and practical implications of the study’s findings and, in conclusion, outlines the limitations of the design of the report. 
Work life balance- what really means
People work to live –this concept is traditional. The fact is that people work for better life leading. To keep pace in the modern civilization we all are so busy that we unable to match with are personal exertion .with work life for scheduled trope. We know banking employees have to do the same activities years after years and for this people consider there activities as job. Having this dullness sometimes we lead boredom to think that what we actually deserve. But if we think about work-life balance we easily can remove this conflict. Work-life balance means proper prioritizing be can work-life and personal life. Strategy sat the time schedule in such a manner so that there would be mutual benefit among individual, organization and society. Work-life balance measures the peoples control over their work-when, where and show they work to match with own expectation and organization. It doesn’t mean equal care rather to keep balance both of them. It is achieved when an individual right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to a mutual benefit of the both parties and it varies over time for changing one’s life leading and it differs from person to person.

we have some aims or objectives to analyze the policies about “work life balance policy”.  We analyze the work life balance policies of different banks existed in Bangladesh for knowing the following information:
Ø  To know about the work life balance policy.
Ø  To know why work life balance policy is very important for every organization.
Ø  To know about the benefits of work life balance policy both the perspective of the employee and the organization.
Ø  To get the idea or scenario of applying the work life balance policy in different banks existed in Bangladesh.
Ø  To find out which bank applies or gives more eagerness to apply this work life balance policy.
Ø   To find out the employee’s feedback or employee’s reaction of the importance of this policy and their experience of that organization of applying of this policy.
Ø  To find out some problems of applying this policy perfectly of that banks existed in Bangladesh.
Ø  To find out that their employee is satisfied with the existing benefits under this work life balance policy and how this policy helps in their family life and working life.

Processing of Data:
Data has been processed with the help of Microsoft Excel.
Analysis of Data:
§    Data are analyzed and interpreted using survey information
§  To prepare the report, I  have selected three employees of three different banks. I interviewed the people and collected the information .I also visited the website for necessary information.

I have selected three banks these are:
  1. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)
  2. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)
  3. BRAC Bank Limited