Thesis on Political Implication of Road Management A Study on Bangladesh Perspective

The transport and communication management is very important to develop the society of a country. The transport and communication management is very important to develop the society of a country. An efficient transport and road management works for equally distributing the production, for marketing the product and for maintaining the price of commodities and for industrialization. The significant duties of ministry of communication are to structural development, extension and maintenance of Roads and highway management, the development of other management which are related with roads and highway, amendment of rules and regulation related with transportation system, and the application of laws in transportation system perfectly.

Political implication of road management is very hot and attractive topic now. That is why, it is a burning question that how much politics implicate the road management or how much politics keep its impact on the road management of Bangladesh. In this study, I have tried to focus the rationality of this factor. In the second chapter of the study, I have presented the background of road management in Bangladesh & those topics which are related with road management (i.e. traffic, traffic flow, percentage of accidents etc.). In the third chapter I have briefly analyzed the condition of road management during different government in our country. I have also focused some chart and data from different times and this data related with the development and plans about roads. In the fourth chapter, I have upheld the opinions of my respected respondents through the tables and graphical presentation. In the fifth chapter, I have upheld the rest of the opinions of my respected respondents through the tables and graphical presentation. The nature the study requires combining analytical as well as empirical approaches in the methodology.

Road is an indispensable part of any country to conduct its development activities. Road management is the first and most significant factor of ministry of communication. To conduct a smooth communication system a proper road management is needed. This road management is developed specially during president Hossain Mohammad Ershad’s regime. President Hossain Moahmmad Ershad had tried to insure the communication system for the people as a whole irrespective of caste, color, religion, sex etc. At present in our country 21000 km. roads and highways are available under the Department of Roads and Highway. The purpose of the Ministry of communication: “The ministry of communications, together with its department, has a sustainable capacity to plan, manage and deliver its full range of responsibilities in respect of the main road and bridge network and to be accountable for these duties.” This activities are performed by different organization under the ministry of communication. The name of organizations are given below:

a)Roads and Highway Department (RHD)
b)Bangladesh Railway (BR)
c)Bangladesh road transport Authority (BRTA)
d)Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC)
e)Jamuna multinational Bridge association (JMBA)
f)Dhaka transport coordination Board (DTCB)
g)Government Inspector of Bangladesh Railway (GIBR)
Trough with the demand of time, the rules about roads has been amended in various times, moreover this amendments were not satisfactory comparing the demand of contemporary perspective. That is why governing bodies are attacked by different complexities. RHD, BRTA and BRTC cannot perform their functions impartially and actively free from the grip of old and nasty Ruling political party’s influence. In the structural framework of the RHD and BRTA, there is the scope of being influenced by the contemporary Ruling political party. RHD, BRTA, BRTC cannot ensure the proper communication system by taking the immediate and impartial steps. The ordinary people always, feel insecured and can not rely upon the communication system. The mismanagement of different organization due to the autocratic control of the ruling political party is creating critical situation for ordinary people and they can not continue a proper communication in the time of emergency. When one party is in power they take various plans for developing the condition of roads and another party when comes in power they refuse those plans of previous government and again take new plan. For this reason it becomes hard to develop the condition of road. In the economic research of 2005 we saw that during 2004-2005 economy years the contribution of communication and transport sector is 10.1% the total GDP. Among the 10.1% the road transportation sub-sector is contributed 692%. The development of road network is remarkable in the time of present government. The development activities of road has been conducted by the reparation national and local roads, rehabilitation, widening, construction of by-pus road beside busiest town, construction of Bridge and different types of maintenance activities. In the time of present government the reason which are difficult to be travelled over have been included in the Thana Feeder Road programme. As a result, road network has developed remarkably. But political influence over the whole procedure of road management has increased. So, the communication system can not give the ordinary people satisfaction.

In which extent the road management of Bangladesh is implicated with the politics?

The significance of any study should be justified on its contemporary perspective. Our study is the political implications of road management in Bangladesh. By this justification we shall able to know the limitations and and problems of the rules related with road management. This finding will provide us the proper direction of which part of this management will have to amend and what measures should be taken to make the road management perfect with the demand of time. This study will also focus the actual situation of the present condition of the road by justifying the activities of its various organizations. Why the governing bodies of the roads management can not take any constructive step to make road as a perfect communication system. This finding will send a message to the governing bodies and other authorities who are related with road management that make them alert about there their responsibilities. This study will also accelerate the perfect management of roads by taking different developmental and constructural activities of roads at different areas of Bangladesh.

As a student of the department of political science of Maters and as a part of Academic Research and as a hot and attractive subject of recent time, I am going to prepare this there research paper for the following purposes:
(a) To focus, the political implications of road management by finding its weakness, problems and rationality with the demand of present perspective.
(b) To send a message of the concern authority to make alert about their responsibilities so that they can take the pragmatic initiative.
(c) To provide reliable evidence by discussing with the experts and different level of professionals at RHD and Road Research Laboratory.
(d) To suggest some policy measures including in the road management with a view to improving the present condition.

Hypothesis is a projected, statement subject to empirical test. A hypothesis is made in order to find out the correct and valid explanation of certain process or phenomena through scientific investigation. I have tried to my best to explain this factors adequately connected with the hypothesis.
It enables me to direct inquiry along the right lines. It helps me to collect necessary data to make my research strong.It explains the facts and laws of road management and from this I have gotten the verify knowledge.