Thesis on Influence of Tooth Brushing on Oral Hygiene Status

Proper tooth brushing is very important for maintain oral hygiene status. It is important to providing awareness program to contribute knowledge through health education about the importance of good oral hygiene.Proper Tooth brushing help prevent some oral health diseases considered to be public health problems—in particular, certain presentations of chronic periodontal diseases and dental caries.
To maintain a meticulous oral hygiene regular tooth brushing using proper motion as well as in proper time is very important. Most people do not know how to brush their teeth adequately and about the most beneficial time for tooth brushing. As a result calculus deposition and subsequently developing gingivitis or periodontitis is a very common scenario in dentistry which is especially very frequent in Bangladesh. Although a very large number of people are repeatedly clean their teeth using costly tooth brush and paste but still their oral hygiene is not all right. Therefore, it is fundamental to teach the people how to brush/clean the teeth as perfectly as possible. Different people are brushing their teeth in different ways, most of the time using their individual knowledge, with or without knowing the accurate ways. Since it is likely to avoid the occurrence of lot of oral and dental diseases just by using correct tooth brushing technique the investigator is concerned to know the way of most popular tooth brushing technique in the wide-ranging population. At the same time by performing oral hygiene check up the investigator will be able to know about the most harmful and beneficial method of tooth brushing as well which might be unknown to us up till now. So the investigator could be able to educate the community about the most advantageous system of tooth brushing. Till now there are various type of tooth brushing techniques is invented. Among them the most accepted technique is brushing teeth for two full minutes with fluoride toothpaste and a brush should be small enough with soft texture bristle so that could maneuver around the inside, outside and top of every tooth in the mouth. Moreover, brushing after every meal will be the appropriate time needed to clean teeth. In previous research replacing a brush every three months has also been shown to be more effective in maintaining good dental health. A manual toothbrush, use one with soft bristles as this will protect gums from damage to a greater extent. previous studies have shown that hard bristles will not remove more dental plaque. Brushing teeth removes plaque and gives us clean teeth, gums and a fresh breath. For healthy teeth and gums it is obligatory to have good oral hygiene and for that brushing should be ideal. Most dental problems are because of improper brushing technique. One may be brushing 3to4 times a day, but if brushing technique is not proper, there will be food lodgment in between the teeth resulting in oral hygiene. That is why learning proper brushing technique is very important. Lots of problem can be there because of incorrect brushing like –gums can be receded because of which teeth look long and root is exposed. .gums can get irritated and start bleeding tooth staining bad breathe called as Halitosis periodontal problems abrasion of the teeth takes place teeth become sensitive to hot and cold sensation bone loss leading to mobility and ultimately tooth loss.