Woman’s Activities and Mother-Daughter Relationship in the woman warrior

In the book the woman warrior we final different kinds of activities and situations of woman, it the writer tries to make a transition among China and America woman and society and culture.
As the book is divided into five, there are various descriptions of woman and their activities in different situations. In the first section- “No name woman” we see that the narrator describes the suicide of a woman who has no name. Even the lisener is forbidden to tell it to others. I nthe second Section White Tigers we sec a fantastic allegory of her chilhood and allegory as a warrior. In the third section the narrator descoribes her mothers experience in chinese medical school. In the fourth section It the Western Palace “ we sec the mental breakdown of the narrator’s aunt Moon orchid. In the last Section “A song for a barbarian reed pipe” the Woiter describes her childhood experiences in the california public school system and her porents attitudes towards her. n this book we find a series of description of women in diffrent situations in the five sections women in hatred, women in war, women wife, woman a slave.

In no name woman, the real situation of a woman is focused through the departure of her husband and the pregrancy of the woman n the absence of her husband. The social condition does never allow her to survive in an illegal way. The departure of the husband for a certain time is necessary for more income to maintain the family. But this does not allow a woman to lead her life with freedom.

1. So we find that the villagers get a chance to attack the woman again the suicide of the woman borings a dangerous situation. Even in the absence of a man in a family brings the destruction to the family and eventually to the socicty.

In this section we see a totally different situation of woman. It seems that women are not only helpless without a man but also they are heroire. The activities of woman here are more different than in the first chapter. The lady namely Fu Mu Lan proves that women are not affraid of iron.

2. So this chapter shows that women not only play a role as girl, as a wife as a fighter, as a nurse but also more than these. It shows the spirit of women.

Here is shaman we see that women do not want to lag behind men. In this story, the narrators mother proves it by achieving a medical diplome in the native country while her husband in abroad that is in America.

3. Here the beauty or smartness of woman is also exposed. It is nature that woman gets pleasure or become happy if she is more attractive than others. Brave orchid shows proved of being beautiful and intelligence. Orchid fights against ghost.
4. the fourth chapter shows woman’s faith in husband and on the contrary it shows the poor condition of woman for depending only husband how the intention towards the estranged husband is found here through the event of journey to the husband again.
5. So the woman’s poor condition creates sorrow in the heart of the readers. Women have to figh against many odds to surrive.
Women don’t lag behind men in case of self realization. Which is seen in the chapter of five. The writer shows one’s pain of mind or heart through another girl who keeps silent in the class room.

Death is a word which means finishing or closing everything which makes a journey to a new way of another unknown world. We see fear of death in White Noise” many times. Especially it is seen more between Jack gladney and Barbette the husband wife, Death arises in this book as a conflict, and an antagonist, it occurs climate and it is a main them
The Novel White Noise by Don Dellilo deals heavily with the subject of death. It is no coincidence that death is life's fundamental background. Ultimately there is no better way to distinguish life, then to consider it in the larger term: life and death. Yet, considering life within the parameter death, one observes that the texture and substance (conetnt) of life's span becomes more important then its boundary death.

Perhaps the most telling white noise reminder of the book's message is an ageless literary cliche. As Jack sets out to commit the evil deed- to bring another to death, as he almost .dies himself beneath an elevated roadway and escapes into the arms of a skeleton that once lived holy faith; it is raining. Environmental static at a fundamental level. The rain is an easily recognized filter, a background signal strongly associateted with death.
In so much as the toxic event bespeaks certain mortality for Jack, Babette's affair with Dylar leave her fear of death more real then ever?)