Term Paper on Bangladesh University of Business And Technology’s Views on Sustainability Training

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology is a leading private university in Bangladesh which offers 126credit hours in BBA and 67 credit hours in MBA program. After surveying, it is observed that there are significance difference about number of students admitted and taken several courses ethics, social responsibility, environmental management, and religion. In BBA and MBA program current and last year. The significant difference of the aforesaid is analyzed through hypothesis testing and compared the restrictive data with group 11, who took Green University as their subject of term paper on “BUBT’S Views on Sustainability Training”.
Statistics is a course of gaining practical knowledge through various sampling and survey, under the course MGT 208 the students of BBA 15th Batch, Department of Management Studies are supposed to do a term paper based on hypothesis analysis on the subject of “Business Schools’ Views on Sustainability Training”

To fulfill the instructions of term paper group 12, Department of Management Studies, Batch 15th, Section A went toBangladesh University of Business and Technologyand made some hypothesis. According to the instructions of the term paper, i.e. whether there is any significant difference of number of students admitted in current and last year compare the same with group 11 thereon.

A.B Background of BUBT

Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT) was established in 2003 by Dhaka Commerce College, which had been recognized twice as the best college in the country for its teaching methods, results, and academic discipline. The college founded BUBT under the authority of the Private University Act, and it modeled the new university after North American universities. BUBT's creation was approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Education Government of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Commerce College Road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216

Telephone:8057581-2, 9015397, 01190658100, 01741129235, 01819430430
Fax: 088-02-8057583
E-mail: info@bubt.edu.bd , info.bubt@ymail.com
Web: http://www.bubt.edu.bd
The University has been established to provide education with unique quality relevant to the needs of the modern society. With this end in view the courses and curricula of BUBT are so designed as to enable the students to pursue higher education and professional goals with a sound academic background. This will help the students to equip themselves as creative leaders to contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

The following objectives are within the focus of overall activities of BUBT:
To maintain an excellent academic environment for imparting higher education in different fields.
To encourage learners to inculcate ethical, cultural and social values in their thoughts, actions and practices and follow them in their personal and national life.
To build up a center of excellence for higher education & research which will serve as the dynamic institution for generating knowledge for creation of an ideal society.
To develop learners understanding of advances in knowledge and complexities of modern world and utilize it for solutions of contemporary problems.
by Md.Arafat islam Sakib