Internship Report on An Appraisal Of Financial Performance Of UCBL

This report is being assigned as a part for the Degree of BBA (Internship). To prepare this report under Department of Bachelor of Business Administration of East West University’s requirement, I accommodated my internship program in Principal Branch and Head Officeof United Commercial Bank for the period of 3 months commencing fromSeptember 12,2011 to December 13,2011. For the completion of the course, I have prepared this report on the basis of my practical experience by working in this branch. Since I worked in different departments of both principal branch and head office (General Banking, Loan and Advance, Foreign Exchange Banking, Finance and Accounts etc) of United Commercial Bank for last three months, this report is being formed on the overall Financial Performance of United Commercial Bank.

The purpose of the study is to gather practical knowledge regarding general banking procedures and its operation. Where the class provides us theories regarding different subjects, practical orientation gives us the opportunity to view those theories and their implication.The objective of the study are the followings:
· To get an overall idea about the products and services of general banking of UCB
· To get overall idea of loan and advances
To appraise the financial performance of UCB
To identify the problem of UCB
To suggest the suggestion for the development of UCB
My internship supervisor suggested me to have a preliminary idea about financial performance of United Commercial Bank and to be acquainted with thefinancial condition, deposits, investments and related matters of UCB to appraise the financial performance. My report bases on the following learnings:

Industry overview of commercial banks
Different deposit schemes of UCB
Different investment schemes of UCB
Financial data of UCB for the period 2006-2010

The report is based on both primary and secondary data analysis.
v Primary data sources:
Face to face conversation with bank officers related with general banking, loan and advance, foreign exchange
First hand banking activities conducted

v Secondary data sources are:
Annual report of UCB from 2006 to 2010
Books and articles regarding banking
Different websites

During the period I faced some barriers or limitation for making a complete and perfect report. These barriers and limitations are as follows:
The origination maintains confidentiality about certain information. They were not willing to give any kind of internal information.
Some officials were not prepared to provide the data which could have helped to prepare this report better.
UCB is a very busy financial institution. So the employees are always busy with their activities and have little time to consult.
The study may suffer due to lack of experience.
Time is also limitation as the duration of the program was of 3 months only. It is not enough for such extensive study.
Further analysis of the industry financial performances might help in appraising the performance of UCB.
by Sudipto Bose