Internship Report on Customer Service at Prime Bank Limited

Banks and other financial institutions play a vital role in forecasting the economic and social condition of a country. Banks in Bangladesh now constitutes the core of the country‟s organized financial system. Prime Bank Limited which is a renowned bank in Bangladesh was created and commencement of business started on 17th April 1995. This bank plays a significant impact on the growth of the economy of this country.
Customer satisfaction is one very important for the reflections of the succession toward progress and expansion for any service institution. Excellence in customer service helps an organization to build a good position in the market and retain more customers. To keep the c ustomers satisfied, PBL provides various types of service to its customers. PBL Mohakhali branch has three departments. These are: General Banking Department, Foreign Exchange Department and Credit Department. Through these three departments they serve the ir customers.
General banking department provides service to the customers by doing the elementary tasks of the bank. These elementary tasks include account opening, providing master credit card, internet banking, offering different types of schemes to the customers, different types of bills and fees collection etc. Foreign Exchange department also play vital role by providing service to the customers. This department has three sections. These are: Export section, Import section and Foreign Remittance section. All these three sections Foreign Exchange department provides services to its customers. The role of the Banks in financing International Trade, especially in Letter of credit operations is very crucial. Foreign Exchange Department deals with international trade. It facilitates international trade through its various modes of services like import, export and remittance. It bridges between importers and exporters. To expand the range of foreign exchange business and to reduce the risk, the branch can think about being diversified in their foreign exchange business. No matter whatever the challenges are in the area of Foreign Trade, Prime Bank Ltd. is fully equipped to face any obstacle. For the last five years they have hold the number one position in the Bangladesh Ba nks CAMEL‟s rating and hopes to be on top this year as well. Credit Department of PBL serves customers by provid ing them different types of credit facilities according to customers need. PBL do their best to remain spirited and also they are committed to continuously reviewing both their lending policies and rates to ensure that customers get the best deals from the bank. They mainly offered two types of loans for serving their customers. These are: Business Loan & Personal/ Retail Loan.

Prime Bank Limited is operating efficiently with its existing products and services. It has remained profitable from the beginning of its operation in the commercial banking sector. In service-oriented industry, it is very difficult to set a standard rule to satisfy the customer. Several factors shape up the decision of taking the service from an organization. The services which the Bank provides to their clients are very prompt and quality one compare to other private or foreign banks. The bank made satisfactory progress in all areas of business operation. So Prime Bank is the bank, which will go on in the banking sector of the world with their slogan "A Bank with a difference".

Bank is a financial institution which plays a fundamental role in forecasting the economic and social condition of a country. In the process of acceptance of deposits and provision of loan, bank creates money. This characteristic feature sets bank apart from other financial institution. A Bank can manipulate the money supply through lending and investment. Banks collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost. The difference between these is the profit for the Bank. Prime Bank Limited is fast growing private bank. This bank has been operating in the bank industry since 1995 and belongs to the second generation of private banks to be incorporated since the independence of Bangladesh. It was established in 17th April 1995. From its establishment it is engaged in a desirable position among its competitors after achieving success in all area of business operation.