Term paper on selection and training process of grameenphone Limited

We know that, Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, appraising and developing employees.
Like the other functions, Selection and training are essential functions of Human Resource Management. And in my term paper report I’m going to discuss about the selection and training process of GrameenPhone Ltd.
Selection is the process of gathering information for the purpose of evaluating and deciding who should be employed in particular jobs.
Selection process can facilitate to select the most competent, capable, skilled, knowledgeable employees for an organization. To get a preferred job everyone has to go through the selection process which may vary from organization to organization.
GrameenPhone Ltd. maintains some steps in their selection process. By following this selection process company can recruit needed employees. All the divisions of GP follow this selection process to hire the employees.
Selection process basically starts with the job advertisement given by the company and ends with the joining of employees.
For selecting the employees company need to determine the budget, to determine the job description and responsibility for giving ease to the candidates about who should apply for the particular post, then collecting CV, short listing, take written test, interview, medical test, reference check, orientation, and last of all joining of the employee.
Training is a process that brings a permanent change in learning and behavior which they could show by their performance in the work place. Training enables the company to adapt the changing conditions and be more effective in the market place.
Training can provide employees with knowledge and skills to perform more effectively, preparing them to meet the inevitable changes that occur in their job.
GrameenPhone Ltd. arranges training programs to increase the actual level of performance at the expected level. It’s trying to retain its position in the market place, where it is now, by providing training to their employees.
Thus, training is only an “opportunity” for learning.
In this report I mentioned a brief history of GP. Its establishment time, the founder of the company, the strategy of the company, its vision and mission, shareholders, slogan, products and services, competitors, its restructured Organogram, etc. all are discussed here very briefly.
GrameenPhone Ltd. is the largest leading cellular telecommunication company of Bangladesh. GrameenPhone (GP) offered a cellular license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications on November 28, 1996. The company launched in service on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Telenor, as the leading Telecommunications Company of Norway, owns 62% shares of GP and Grameen Telecom own 38% shares of GP. Now, after 12 years of successful operations, GrameenPhone is the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh, with 21 million subscribers.
GrameenPhone provides services to rural and urban customers across Bangladesh, where mobile telephony is acknowledged as a significant driver of socio-economic development, both for individuals and the nation.