Internship Report on Financial Performance Analysis of Sonali Bank Limited

One of the vital parts of BBA program is internship. At the end of academic course work one need to complete the internship to gain practical knowledge to have an experience of implementation of acquired theoretical knowledge. This report intends to give comprehensive view of the bank. Loan and advance is only source of income of the private bank as well as Sonali Bank Limited. Now a day modern business is largely depends on loan and advance of a bank. Without deposit it is not possible indeed. Loan and advance division is much concern to satisfy customer desires. The bank is continued its lending operation in productive and priority sectors. So loan and advance is very much important to the development of economy. All these activities can be perfectly analyzed under financial performance analysis. As a BBA student, we need to know the procedure of this analysis. Because it relates our job as well as it has functional importance also in terms of doing business.
There are several objectives to conduct the study which are:
  • To inform the interested individuals of the present condition of Sonali Bank Limited.
  • To present the basic information regarding the topic.
  • To compare and find contribution with other State Owned Commercial Banks.
  • To give the information about elements of banking sector.
  • To learn application of the topic to various aspects of banking.
  • Analyzing the implication of the financial indicators.
The scope of the study is within the state owned commercial banks and particularly the financial aspect of Sonali Bank Limited. This study covers the financial performance and also the prospect of growth and challenges coming ahead. The study involves a series of years from 2007 to 2011.

While conducting the study, sources were explored for primary information and data. But hardly any updated data could be found. In the absence of updated information or data dependence on secondary data has been inevitable. However, whenever possible primary data has been used. Data were also collected by interviewing the responsible officers and from some documents & statements printed by the Sonali Bank Limited Staff College of Sonali Bank also helped me in collecting data providing books and Bank’s annual report.

The following sources have been used for the purpose of gathering and collecting data as required.

Methods of Collecting Data:

Primary Data:

  • Official records of Sonali Bank Limited: When I preparing my internship report, I have collected many official record from Sonali Bank limited. I got mostly supported from loan and advance department.
  • · Face to face conversion: To prepare my internship report I discuss with many employees who related to loan and advance department.
  • · Training class of SBSC: The SBSC authority cordially received us and Mr. Shah Newaz, SPO, is selected our program co-coordinator. Then Mr. Gouri Tosh Paul, Mrs. Monowara Begum, and other faculty members of SBSC briefed us about Sonali Bank & its Organizational and Managerial Functions respectively. This training helps me a lot to prepare my report.

Secondary Data:

a) Annual report: I have collected Sonali Bank Limited annual report of 2007, on the basis of this report I prepared this internship report.
b) Working papers: I have collected working paper which is related with the subject matter of report. The employees of SBL co-operate very much to prepare my internship report.
c) Office files: I got lots of information from office files of Sonali Bank Limited.
d) Selected Books: Preparing this report I got various help from lot of books. I have selected few chapters which are relates of my subject matter, on the basis of this information I prepared my internship report.
e) Printed forms: I have collected monthly and annually printed forms, on the basis of these printed forms I prepared my internship report.
I have reviewed several literatures in this field. From these literatures I have gathered an in-depth knowledge about the current trends of the banking sector in Bangladesh. Also these literatures provided me with the financial aspect of the state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh.

Every study has some limitations. I have faced some usual constraints during the course of our preparation for the report. The major limitations are as follows:

Lack of enough time: The report was prepared within a very short time considering the topics related to report. That’s why; it wasn’t possible to demonstrate all aspects of the report.

Insufficient data: There was not sufficient information due to confidentiality of Sonali Bank Limited. So we cannot articulate information properly of that company.

Busy working environment: The officials had sometimes been unable to provide information because of their huge routine work.

Lack of Experience: Though I have prepared many reports before, I had no experience of internship. So inexperience is one of the main constraints of the study. 

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