Research Monograph On Nature and Extent of Good Governance in the Financial Management of Upazila Primary Education

Education is one of the key elements of human asset. It is also one of the principal sources of increased economic growth, development and enhanced welfare of an individual and a household in the process of economic transformation. Increased labour productivity, effective use of land and other physical assets, and improved socio-economic empowerment are three important routes through which education can contribute to economic development. On the other hand, education can also lessen the burden of poverty one estimate for Bangladesh reveals that households without any formal education have about six time higher poverty incidence than those who have access to education. Because of all this, educational attainment is considered to be the most important indicator of development. Right to education is a fundamental human right.However, the importance of primary education cannot be overstated because it creates the literacy base of a nation (Rahman et al, 2003). Therefore in most developed countries primary education is considered to be more important than higher education. In all the least developed countries including Bangladesh, it is also considered to be an important element of social progress and economic development. Primary education has been made universal and compulsory, and there is a large-scale national campaign for enrolling all school-aged children at primary educational institutions. Good governance is a leading word in ensuring the smooth functioning of public affairs. Management of public affairs consists of three basic components Strategy, managing external resources and managing internal resources. If these all components of public management are ensured with all criteria of good governance meeting then it will be real public management. In Bangladesh Upazilaparishad is the focal point of administrative system. It is the heart of all administrative functions because at present upazilaparishad is led by the locally elected people.So all functions of upazila must be led to undertake the social welfare or to improve the quality of living status. So people’s participation in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public management at upazila level is so important and plays the role of torch holder in ensuring Good Governance. Constitutionally, we live in a democratic country but it is the matter of sorrow that the democratic gentle breeze could not reach to our class of masses. Money and muscle powers are influential factors in every step of decision making from top to bottom. Nepotism and favoritism are always influential phenomenon in our culture. So in this regards ensuring good governance is really challenging. Even people have obligation about the degree of transparency and accountability of the project. So there is both the opinion in favor and opposition opinion in implementing the project.Given this background, the present paper is intended to explore the status of good governance in the financial management of primary education in LohagaraUpazilla under Chittagong district.