Internship Report on HRM Practices in Janata Bank

This report is prepared as a requirement of the Internship of MBA program of the Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. This report focuses three months working experience in Janata Bank. This report will give a clear idea about the Human Resources Practices in Janata Bank.

The total report can be divided into five broad head. The introduction part includes background, objectives, methodology of the study. This part also includes the limitation of the study. In second part, I have discussed about the overall idea of Janata Bank where I have assigned to make internship report.

In the third part, I have discussed about the human resources practices in Janata Bank such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal system, promotional policy, compensation, and disciplinary action.
In the fourth part, I have tried to analysis the report and finally, recommendations and conclusion in the fifth part.

In order to conduct the report, I have decided to collect various types of primary and secondary data. Data were also collected by oral interviewing the responsible officers. They also gave me annual report and other documents. In order to make the study effective and efficient, following two sources of data and information have been used widely.

Generally recruitment is the process of generating a pool of candidates for particular job. Janata Bank is used advertisement in the media, notice board, educational institution recommendation, professional association etc as the sources of recruitment. Janata Bank is mainly preferred advertisement in the media sources such as the daily Newspapers. The candidates should be Bangladeshi citizen, minimum 18 years of old and physically fit for the job.

Appointment to the posts of officers and other employees shall be made by direct recruitment or by promotion. Besides these, there are following important recruitment principles of Janata Bank:
a)      Recruiting qualified personnel
b)      Not be influenced by other opportunities
c)      Equal employment opportunities

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