Investment management on Dutch-Bangla bank ltd and Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd

The chapter “Closing Observation” includes various observations regarding the strategic brand management. The challenges and complexities of the modern market place make efficient and effective marketing an imperative. So, in this situation it is recommended to do the following: Consistent actions and applications of these guidelines across all aspects of the marketing program · Guidelines should be viewed only as a point of departure in the difficult process of creating a world-class brand · Each branding situation and application is unique and requires careful scrutiny and analysis ·
How best to apply the framework in the branding of a product or service. · Effective marketing programs and brand elements must be taken.  

At first, the CBBE framework is illustrated · Brand management guidelines, sources, and outcomes are found · 7 deadly sins of brand management that cause failures is elaborated · Summary of the success factors for strong brand · The applications of CBBE framework and strong brand factors are analyzed · Prospect of the future of the brand and brand management The concept of brand equity has been put forth as a means to focus marketing efforts. The businesses that win in the 21st century will be those that have marketers who successfully build, measure, and manage brand equity. Some of the important guidelines put forth in this text to help in that endeavor. In some cases, ignore these various recommendations and guidelines. Smart marketers will capitalize on every tool at their disposal—and devise one that are not—in their relentless pursuit of achieving brand preeminence