Assignment on BUSINESS IDEA: Flower Cultivation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the largest flower growing countries in south-East Asia where great varieties of the same are produced in abundance. The scope, land, parent stocks, labour and other natural resources available have contributed towards making Bangladesh an exporter with great opportunities. There is no well planned and highly decorated flower cultivation and marketing industry which possesses its own brand and goodwill. It is now an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to invest in
this sector. So we have selected the project "Flower Cultivation and Marketing" with planned and decorated way including Ikebana. The project's main office is in the showroom in Dhanmondi, Dhaka and has a cultivation area in Savar, Dhaka with easy transport facilities. Marking area is mainly Dhaka city like Dhanmondi, Shahbag, katabon, Gulshan and other retail and whole sale shops outside Dhaka. The present status and future potentials of the floriculture industry has given the project to export quality flowers in the international market. Our business idea includes offers which are unique and different from customary way in terms of customer satisfaction. Its target customers are young generations with middle class, upper middle and upper class. The short term and long term goals and objectives of the project are building and maintaining strong brand image by expanding application of flowers and delivering superior customer satisfaction. The project is profitable and both technically and financially viable. As people are encouraged for flower cultivation and marketing the demand for flowers is increasing. So, flower cultivation project will face no problem in respect of marketing. From the very beginning year, 2009 our target is to reach in the leading position of the market by offering high quality, service, value and satisfaction within three or four years. To gain competitive advantages, the projects design market offers effectively and efficiently that deliver/more value and satisfaction to the customers than competitors. The marketing strategy includes pricing and sales strategy based on the assumption, "Selling value not price. The project is both product (like flowers, plants) and service (like Ikebana, decoration) oriented. The marketing plan, operations, resources, implementation and financial plan have been planned to produce high quality flowers and to exert best customer service. Employee satisfaction also has been considered in this context. In the project, we have focused on the marketing channels of flowers, the export situation, the production inputs and technologies used in growing flowers, the problems and risk in growing and trading flowers and finally the future potentials of the flower marketing industry. Flower cultivation and Marketing project will expand in 2013 by adding other different kinds of flowers and services including Ikebana. It will also increase its marketing area both in home and abroad. It will maintain and increase the current net margin and rate of growth in sales.