Assignment on Business Plan by Jute

Bangladesh is famous for its jute, rivers abundant with fishes and her fertile lands. We are very proud about her history, culture, natural resources for example crops. However, we hardly remember the effort and struggle of those people who make this possible, without which it would not be possible to have the food on our table every day. They are the honest, hard and unfortunate working farmer folks of our county. 
Even in this year 2010 our economy still based on agriculture, 60% of our people’s livings are agriculture based. Nevertheless, it is a matter of great regret is that we are still technologically under developed when it comes to applying all the wonders of agricultural science. 

Our farmers work with all their sincerity and patience to grow the best crops, but at the end of the day it does not matter or brings any positive change in their living or poverty. Because they never get the chance to rip the reward, they deserve in exchange of their fruit of hard work. The affects of bumper harvest or flood or drought does not really discriminate their position since they never get the fair price, courtesy of our syndicates and greedy intermediaries.

Moreover, the worst part is when they try to avoid intermediaries and take their crops to the local market; they never get the fair price that covers their production expense and their toil. 

Perhaps they wait all day long, starving, depressed and exhausted in the scorching sun with hope for a good buyer who will give them the right price… the fair price… that will make them smile and pray gratefully to the ALMIGHTY. Nevertheless, that never happens. End of the day they come home with broken hearts, thoughts of despair because of selling their crops which they grew by the sweat of their brow in a below profit rate just to avoid the rottenness. 

The anglers also face this same situation. Most of them are the victims of “dalal” or brokers who buy fish from the source in the cheapest possible price and sell them to the retailers at the highest price. The producers belong to the extreme value chain. 

And the irony is, they are not the only people suffering this unfair system called the distribution channel controlled by the selfish powerful end of the society. They consumers also suffer almost to the same extent by this mal practice of over profiting and voracity. 

The consumers buy products from traditional kitchen markets that are crowded, unhygienic, stinky place and above all its inconsistence to price. 

The major benefit of exploiting both the customers as well as the producers is in terms of paying price below the production cost to the producer and charging premium price to the customers. 

Farm Fresh is here to change this picture of grievance and inequality as well as to change the traditional concept of “Kacha Bazaar”, at the same time providing a better experience of shopping to our respectable customers, so that they can buy their daily necessary food items feeling anything but pleasant, convenience and of course fair when it comes to paying the price. Farm Fresh does not only mean to confine around the customers’ rights but also to reach the farmers, to make sure they get the price they deserved all along. That is the story why we are interested in business and its lot more than just to introduce our people with the concept “super markets” or make big profits.