Internship Report on overall procedure of export and import in Montrims LTD

The report title “overall procedure of export and import in Montrims LTD”. has been prepared as a partial fulfillment of BBA Degree in Northern University Bangladesh. Student are required to undertake and internship program. For the purpose each of the student is require to attach with an organization. During the internship period, a student has to prepare a report on the organization where he is assigned. He has also to undertake and involve in investigation on the organization for detailed study. The basic purpose of this attachment is to expose the student to the real business world. This exposure acquaint his with the practices of modern business world. This exposure is very helpful is seeing for one self how things move and to find the gap as well as similarity between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Scope of the study
I assigned to do my Internship program in “MONTRIMS LTD”. This internship program design by Mr.Faruk Talukder (Manager of commercial) devition of the company together particular knowledge about overall procedure of Import and Export of the MONTRIMS Ltd. at Head office. My research was limited in overall procedure of Export and Import. However I studies all the main function of commercial area of MONTRIMS Ltd.I also Introduce with company’s service policy and program’s also make interaction with GM

( General manager) of other functional department in this company.
Objective of the study
Ø To analysis the “overall procedure of export and import of montrims Ltd.
Ø TO know the exact process of export and import.
Ø To identify the difficulties and barriers faced in the international market.
Ø To know the current RMG export and import status in Bangladesh particular.
Ø To provide some suggestions and recommendation on the basis of findings.

Methodology of the study
A good research should have specific Methodology under which the way of research is shown . The following are the Methodology of this research.
a) Nature of sources:
MONTRIMS Ltd. is taken as a sample of purposive sample. The researcher chooses it as promptly available to him. As the study is confined to only one Accessories manufacturing company. For This study, Primary and secondary data sources are used.

1) Primary Sources Data :
Primary data was collected from the MONTRIMS Ltd. through:
I. Observation through total internship period.
II. Conducting interview both customers and staffs of the company without using questionnaire.
III. Personal communication
IV. Observation and direct interview.

2) Secondary Sources Data:
The secondary sources of data were collected from”

I. The official record of the MONTRIMS Ltd.
II. From the wed site.
III. Published and Unpublished research report.

Limitation of the study:
From the beginning to the end, the study has been conducted with the indentation of marketing a complete and truthful one. However many problems appeared in the way of conducting the study. During the study, it was not possible to visit the hole area covered by the company although the some department information regarding the study have been considered.

The study considers following limitations:
v All the department of the head office was not physically visited.
v All the concerned personnel of the company have not been interviewed.
v The allocated three month are not sufficient for the success of such research.
I have been assign to the perform Internship program at the Head Office of MONTRIMS Ltd. In this office, all export and import related works are not practiced. This is why acquiring practical knowledge about all export activities was not studies.