Thesis on To prevent Road Accident Obstacles and Implementation of Government Policy in Dhaka City

Road vehicular accidents have been so frequent and common to everyday life that people tend to disregard that these “high velocity moving lumps of metal” are very lethal and sometimes pose as “weapons of mass destruction” A traffic accident is defined as any vehicle accident occurring on a public highway (i.e. originating on, terminating on, or involving a vehicle partially on the highway). These accidents therefore include collisions between vehicles and animals, vehicles and pedestrians, or vehicles and fixed obstacles. Single vehicle accidents, in which one vehicle alone (and no other road user) was involved, are included. All fatality and injury totals include pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists unless otherwise note. Time and again, various circles, media included, have pointed out that stringent enforcement of traffic rules and regulations, and routine examination of fitness certificates and other relevant documents of motorised vehicles and driving licences of the drivers could play a major role in bringing down the number of road traffic accidents and fatalities. The problem is acute in Bangladesh, which has one of the highest fatality rates for road accidents in the world.

The highway from the capital, Dhaka, to the north-eastern city of Sylhet is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads for drivers.

With a rate of 0.6 deaths per km, the fatality rate on the N2 highway is 10 times higher than Britain's . Officials of the traffic department have also blamed random violation of traffic rules and regulations, unskilled and unlicensed driver and flawed vehicles as major reasons for traffic accidents. It was also pointed out many times that reckless driving, especially by bus and truck drivers, continues unabated because there was hardly any decisive action against such a blatant violation of traffic rules and regulations. Bus and minibus drivers break the traffic law at random both within the city periphery and on highways. Despite repeated public outcry, road safety on the highways of the country remains elusive with the deaths of hundreds of people in road accidents every year. Relevant experts blame lack of enforcement of the concerned rules by the authorities and the government's inability to implement the recommendations for ensuring safe high ways. What is worse, while road traffic fatalities do raise commotion among the people, they hardly lead to any comprehensive or sustained actions by the authorities. It is most likely that the tragedies that occurred very recently on the highways will be forgotten soon, without prompting any effective actions from the authorities. Such a lackadaisical attitude of the authorities will continue until and unless the conscious citizens of the country put pressure on them to undertake effective actions to make the roads and highways safe. Everyone appears to know the cause and culprits behind the road traffic fatalities. Yet there have hardly been any efforts from the authorities to devise a comprehensive strategy to make the roads and highways reasonably safe

1.1 Statement of the Problem:
Society is the place, where we, the human being line, by interacting with each other. So, it is a vast meeting place. But, in society, there are also some vital problems which harm our social life.

Social research play a very important role in recognized and in solution of these problem. We can trace out the reasons relevant to these problems by this kind of social research. It becomes easy to solve a problem if we can dig out its roots.
Now Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in the world; with an approximate per capita income of US 699 (Economic Review, 2010), ranked 136 out of 177 countries in UNDP’s 2010 Human Development Index. Out of a population of around 160.44 million (WDI, 2010) about 32% of the populations live under the poverty line-(WDI, 2010). That’s why, due to poverty lack of education, unemployment, unawareness etc problem are linked with each other. Many of illiterate people in Bangladesh enter in many informal jobs. Road accident occurs because of unawareness, lack of primary knowledge, lack of road rules, undisciplined traffic rules etc; in Bangladesh. Bus contactor become a driver with out any driving knowledge or rules as the same time they rushing bus, trucks in the road their own will and o not obeying the traffic rules; so that at the end road accident happen.

As a student of sociology, my job is to do study report on any problem relevant to the society’s objectives. This study report is otherwise recognized as ‘monograph’. It is necessary to all students of sociology department. For this reason, I have prepared this paper. I pick out one of the current and important problem of our society as my study report. Its title is “To prevent Road Accident: Obstacles & Implementation of Govt. Policy ; Dhaka City”

In this research monograph, I am explore why road accident occur in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka at city and how it is reduced, and what are the government policy about this problem.

1.2: Objectives of the Study:
The study is broadly an attempt to analyze the merging scenario of all of the categories of road accident especially in Dhaka City and its consequences. More specifically, the study intends:-
To explore the perceptions of drivers about road traffic accidents in Dhaka City.
To explore the perceived causes & consequences of road accidents.
To know the perceived susceptible group victimized more by road accident.
To find out the knowledge of drivers about traffic rules.
To explore the perceived ways to avoid road accident and government attempt and its implication.
To explore the perception about why road accidents rate increasing?

1.3: Research Question:
Research question is most important points in research monograph. It based on research objective. My research questions are.
What is the relationship between drivers and road accidents?
What is the relationship between traffic rules and road accidents?
Why road accidents increasing day by day?
What are limitations of government policy and its implication?

1.4: The scope of the study:
The scope of my study is to prevent road accident, in Dhaka City.
I want to focus on some crucial point, such as;-
The economic condition of the drivers.
The level of education of the drivers.
Identify the reasons and factors that influenced road accident.
The attitude, mentality and perception of the roads and Highways engineers, govt. employers and drivers.

1.5: The Importance of the Study:
Road accidents are a leading cause of deaths and injuries world wide. In developing countries, about 95% of the world’s death occur globally due to road accidents. One fifth of these fatalities take place in the South Asia region. Everyday abound 8 persons die in road accidents. The actual rate of fatality is likely to be even higher.
This indicates that not only the occurrence of accidents is on the rise, the severity of accidents is also increasing. As the population, total road length and modal share of road transport continue to grow in the country, the number of causalities from road accidents is expected to maintain its rising trend.

There is, therefore, a need to explore the perceptions of drivers about road accidents to plan effective intervention measures to improve road safety in Bangladesh.

So, it occurs to me that, it is necessary to know about to prevent road accident in our country especially in Dhaka City.

1.6: Outline of the monograph:
My whole monograph divided into Chapter and summarized as follows.

Chapter one: here, I stated Introduction Statement of the problem, objectives of the study, Research questions, scope of the study and importance of the study.
Chapter two: Here, I stated and discussed relevant literature about road accident.