Assignment on Specific Competences for Science Teachers- According to Yadav a science teacher

According to Bangladesh Rural Improvement Foundation, Education is one of the most important factors in achieving sustainable economic development. Even modest exposure to education substantially reduces poverty levels, enabling people to expand their skill base and improve their lives. Although enrolment in school is increasing, the quality of education is decreasing; poorly qualified teachers are an important key factor for this decrease. This study aimed to critically look at the certification process of non government secondary teachers in Bangladesh; therefore literature review of this study starts with what literature says about the importance of teachers in teaching-learning process. Then this chapter continues to discuss/present teacher’s skills that are strongly required for teaching, importance of teachers registration, competency based teachers’ certification, teachers’ registration process in different countries and teachers’ registration process in Bangladesh.

Importance of teachers in teaching-learning process:

Teacher is the ultimate key of educational change and improvement. The restructuring of schools, the composition of national and provincial curricula, the development of benchmark assessments-all these things are of little value if they do not take the teacher into account. Teachers don't merely deliver the curriculum. They develop it, define it and reinterpret it too (Hargreaves, 1995). So, teachers are the important actor of educational progress.
From Occupational Outlook Handbook (2008-09) it is known that, Teachers act as facilitators or coaches, using classroom presentations or individual instruction to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects such as science, mathematics, or English. They plan, evaluate, and assign lessons; prepare, administer, and grade tests; listen to oral presentations; and maintain classroom discipline.
So it is clear that teachers play a vital role in educational program. Their methods of teaching make students interested in learning. That’s why teaching should be very effective and interesting to pupil. Some special requirements are demanded here for effective and interesting teaching. These special requirements or skills are considered as teacher competence. Now I would like to discuss about teacher competence.