Assignment On Patriarchal Society

“Patriarchy is a hypothetical social system based on the absolute authority of father or an elderly male over the family group”.
-         (Encyclopedia of Britannica)
Male control of the public and private worlds constitutes patriarchy.  patriarchy is specifically addressed, is to advance the nation that patriarchy may in fact be usefully thought in historical terms.  In other words, although it is true that simply to address patriarchy as a concept is a concept is in some sense to take its validity for granted, the aim in taking it up here is to displace it, to remove the terms of its discussion away from the terrain of universities and to re-appropriate it for materialism, for an approach to women’s situation in its historical specify, so it is understood that patriarchal relations take their particular form from dominat relations of production. In patriarchy, women have not rights over their own bodies, their own sexuality, The marriage, reproduction or divorce in which they may not receive education or portico a trade or profession or move about freely in tx he world. 

Patriarchy :
Patriarchy has often been used as a central concept of analysis with which  to understand the nature of women’s oppression, both theoretically and politically. The core of patriarchy is that “Women was made after man, of man and for man an inferior being, subject to man “Elizabeth cady stanton, the woman’s Bible)

According to kate milletl:
 Patriarchy means not the rule of the father but the rule of men and as such, is seen as a universal mode of power relationships and dominance: It is all pervasive, for it penetrates class divisions, different societics and different historical epoches.

According to Deniz kandiyoti:
Patriarchy evokes an overly monolithic conception of male dominance, which is treated at a level of abstraction the obfuscates rather than reveals the intimate inner workings of culturally and historically destining arrangements between the genres”.
According to juliet Mitchell
“Patriarchy is the sexual politics wherby men establish their power and maintain control.