Thesis on measure for women’s development organized by Grammen Shikkha

Thesis on measure for women’s development organized by Grammen Shikkha- A Study on Madhobpur area on Manikgonj District.

Education is the backbone of a nation. It is the basic human right. Constitution of Bangladesh obligates the govt. to establish a uniform system of education and extend free and compulsory education to all children. It flourishes the inborn qualities of humankind and thereby enriches his ability and efficiency to work.
Through women constitute nearly help of the education population of Bangladesh but their situation is traditionaly been adverse. The status of women in Bangladesh is much lower than that of men. Traditional cultural, social and religious practices have reinforced the lower status of women accorded to them in society and have limited their opportunities for education in this present world, the education of women is given importance The govt. of Bangladesh has also realized that the actual development of country is not possible without developing the condition of women. Thus women’s education has been acknowledged as a top priority by the govt. and by the NGOs as well. some constructive steps taken by the government and by the NGOs to establish women right.

Most of rural women are landless, they are victimized, deprived and oppressed. Because they are without education GS thinks that until women will not be educated, conscious about their rights and self dependency, overall development of the country would not be possible, women are subordinate in our society. Without economic independency women’s development is not possible so women need education. G.S. has been taken initiative to spread the light of education among these illiterate women through non-formal education. Like other NGOs G.S is working to literate the illiterate women in rural Bangladesh.

Due to financial constraint parents cannot provide higher education of 20% of the school graduates. So, G.S taken initiates to help these poor students. Again it is seen that in secondary level dropout rate of girls is still high. To combine women in the stream of development G.S activities are definitely praise worthy.