Thesis on Causes and Impacts of Water Pollution of The River Burigonga and Its Remedial Measures

When water becomes unable to use and considered as harmful for human and aquatic lives due to presence of various unexpected substances in it, then the water termed as polluted. Water may be polluted by various causes. Mixing of biodegraded portion of animal and plants to pure water, siltation by erosion of riverbanks is example of natural causes. On the other hand, man-made domestic wastes, industrial wastes, fertilizers etc also pollute water. The state of surface and ground water pollution in Bangladesh is very bad. Especially the Buringanga is polluted largely by the city Dhaka. Water is very essential for every living being. They intake water directly or indirectly for physiological activities. If this in taking water is polluted, it will affect badly on them. The impact may transport to other through food chain. So we must have proper knowledge about the impact of polluted water. It is impossible for us to prevent water from pollution cent percent but we must try to minimize the pollution. For this we should take necessary steps. And we sho9uld try to indentify the remedial measures of it.
Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are many big and small river in this country. But now all the rivers are not flowing. Many of them turned into small canal or drain. Some of them are exists with polluted water. Among all the river, Buriganga is a famous river. We know Dhaka stands on the bank of Buriganga. Once upon a time it was the life of Dhaka. But now the condition of Buriganga is not very good. In Bangladesh the worst polluted river is the Buriganga. The flowing water of Buriganga is now being polluted in many ways. Now-a-days water is being polluted by various pollutants. The number of pollutants are increasing day by day. Keeping with the pollution bad effect of water pollution is also increasing. Water pollution is affecting badly to our daily life. Not only that it is affecting on other lives, natural beauty and resources also. So I think water pollution is a burning issue for our existence. That is why, working on “Causes and Impacts of Water Pollution” and its remedial measures is demand of the age, I think.

The water of Buriganga is mainly polluted by man made pollutions such as Contamination of inland Water, by Industrial waste. In Process of urbanization, a number of mills and factories have been build in different parts of the bank of Buriganga. With Production of goods they produce liquid and hazardous waste which directly enter to the water system untreatably. The polluted water of Buriganga disrupts the ecological balance in a large Scale. So, Now it is the demand of citizen of Dhaka “To save water of Buriganga and save the life and ecology of the Dhaka city surroundings. That is why, it is being the demand of time to work on causes and Impacts of water pollution of Buriganga river.