Assignment on Development Planning

"Mere slogans and speeches by political leaders are not sufficient to bring about development. Actions based on sound social planning are necessary to achieve rapid development in society".
[L.H. choudhury, 1978, p. 89]
Planning is a key tool which influences decisions about priorities and resource allocation, and aims to influence the direction and pace of development sect oral planning focuses on one particular sector, while integrated development planning can be at different levels; local, provincial or national. It also often involves linkage between different levels of government and so is an opportunity to enshrine micro-macro links, as well as to integrate actions of different government and none government agencies. Undertaking development planning requires as understanding of the development process as well as planning skills.
Meaning of Development planning:
Development planning composed of tow broad dimensions, namely-
i) Development
ii) Planning

Development can be defined as the dynamic change of a society form one state of being to another without posting a final mature condition. Edward widener defines it as "as state of mind, a tendency, a direction-rather than a fined goal, it is rate of change in a particular direction.

[E. Neidner, "Development Administration: A New Focus for Research, 1962]
It must involve minimum use of the natural resources for socio-economic and political development.
Planning means determination of a future course of action. We can define planning as a continuous process which involves decisions on choices about alternative wage of using available neuroses with the aim of achieving particular goals at same time in future.

Development Planning:
So, development planning is the projection of future with a specific plan. Development planning typically follows a set of phases-
Ø Situation analysis, both internal to the area and the forces which and shaping the area. This may involve a range of tools to asses the strengths, weakness, treats and opportunities (SWOT) facing an area;
Ø Prioritizing key issues, problems on outcomes;
Ø developing obesities.
Ø developing plans to address the objective including strategies, activities and projects.
Ø developing a special picture of the situation as well as plans.
Ø developing budgets to achieve the plans.
Development planning effectively channelizes those social dynamics which contribute to socio economics development.