Internship Report on Center for Security and Development Studies

Since the Department of International Relations requires a three months attachment with an organization followed by a report assigned by the supervisor in the organization and endorsed by the Department co-coordinator. I took the opportunity to do my internship in a Think Tank “Centre for Strategic & Development Studies” (CSDS). CSDS is a newly established Think Tank of the country. Last year CSDS started its journey with a vision to conduct and encourage study, research and publications on strategic socio-economic, political, security and development issues. I took the opportunity to be the first intern of this institution. Under the proper guidance of director general of CSDS, I have conducted my internship as a Probationary Officer. My department coordinator Mohammad Atique Rahman lecturer of International Relations Department approved me to conduct my internship at CSDS.

The Internship requirement involves three months of experiential learning and field experience with a think tank, company, agency, institution under the supervision of a qualified supervisor and oversight of International Relations Department.

 To provide an opportunity for learning the various applied skills related to the Subject that I have studied within last semesters.

  • To broaden the student's understanding of the nature and scope of work,
  • to provide an opportunity for the student to gain competence in the technical skills, practical knowledge and concepts of field work,
  • To provide an opportunity for the student to evaluate the various specialty areas in relation to their personal educational and career goals.
Before the Internship
When I was informed from our Chairperson, Dr. Delwar Hossain, that 1st batch of the semester system students of the department of International Relations have to complete three months internship in an organization for academic requirement of 100 marks I was delighted to hear that because I knew internship is very effective tools in job market. But I became frustrated when I came to know that department will not take any responsibility to find out organization. Then I face difficulties to find out organization. I was keen to work at a think tank or media house from the very beginning of my university life. I tried to materialize my chances and to seek internship in a think tank. I communicate with Major General (retd.) Amsa Amin, Chairman of “Centre for Security & Development Studies” (CSDS) about internship. He assures me to give an opportunity to work in “CSDS” as a Probationary Officer. He makes acquaint me with Brigadier Salzer Rahman, director of CSDS. In the meantime, I faced interview and they allowed me as an unpaid intern at “CSDS” for three months.