Thesis on Floating Sex Workers in Bangladesh-A Sociological Study in Dhaka City

The sex market is expanding at an unprecedented pace and touching every strata of the society. To meet the ever growing and diverse sex demand in the recent years, more and more children and adult women have enrolled in the booming market. Commercial sex takes place in many kinds of ways and involves many different types of people, many of whom are in no way stereotypical. Sex workers or sex workers refer to that section of women population who are engaged, legally or illegally, part time or full-time, regular or irregular sexual acts for money or for any other material gain (Metzenrath, 1998). Sex trading is an ancient economical and religious phenomenon. The origin of sex selling or brothel was found in the 18 century BC and aftermath in the different old civilizations entitled Babilanio, Sumerio and even ancient India. It has been revealed that it has close linked with the urbanization in different civilization in different forms and expanded of with the expansion of sea trades.
In the ancient Indian community though there was not found typical slavery but indigenous forms of social stratification as name of caste was exist and where as a typical form women slave was devoted for god and goddess. In Muslim societies however having premarital and extra marital sex are forbidden but possessing ‘sub wife’, Badi bou’ and ‘wife during traveling’ as polygenic were found.
In the changing societal context day by day the market of sex trade is blooming which is creating multifaceted problems for the sustainability of the society and state’s. The issue of floating sex is comparatively new phenomenon in Bangladesh, a typical traditional society which belong second largest Muslim community in the world. In Bangladesh though constitutionally sex trading is not legalized but it has well existence in static and floating in both types. The study was focus only to the floating sex workers. Here Floating Sex worker refers to is an occupation where the Sex workers roam here and there for clients. The floating Sex workers are generally found visible especially to the experienced and/ or curious eyes. With growing demand of sex trading in growing urbanization and migrants in different towns and cities but still Dhaka as capital city, is the hub of migrants and as well as for floating sex workers. So as study site Dhaka City has been selected.

This sociological study is entailed for envisaging the following objectives:

§ To identify the socio-economic background and factors influencing entry to floating brothel.
§ To identify types of clients, their nature, behavior, including psycho-social abuse (if any) towards floating sex worker.
§ To investigate the social, demographic and sexual behavioral characteristics of floating sex workers in the study area.
§ To examine if there is any exploitation or violation of human rights (e.g. sexually or monetarily).
§ To understand the sex-related social problems in the study area.
§ To analyze the extent of awareness about STD/ AIDS among the floating sex workers in the study area.
§ To investigate that whether the floating sex workers get any help or support from state or N.G.O’s.
§ To contribute in methodology of development sociology how to carry out study on such vulnerable socially excluded group.
§ To draw inference some guiding areas for development initiatives of floating sex workers from the emic perspective