Internship Report On General Banking Practices of Nationalized Commercial Bank in Bangladesh- A Case Study on Rupali Bank Limited

A Bank is an economics institution whose main aim is to earn profit through exchange of money & credit instruments. It is a service oriented as well as profits oriented organization. To perform those two function simultaneously, the bank divides its operation mainly in three parts – General Banking, Loan & advanced and Foreign Exchange. Bank also invests their money into different financial security and also in different types of project to diversity the risk and getting more profit.
The banking sector of Bangladesh is passing through a tremendous reform under economic deregulation and opening up the economy. Currently this sector is becoming extremely competitive with the arrival of multinational banks as well as emerging and technological infrastructure, effective credit management, higher performance level and utmost customer satisfaction.

The Rupali Bank is a large national banking group that is corporate banking in our country. For any kind of Loan and Advances through RBL bank, plays the important role. Due to nationalization and expansion of International Business, overall banking system plays the major roles for the economic development. The development of a modern economy would not have been possible without the use of money. A fundamental characteristic of money is that it is very much like a collective commodity, it is a parallel relationship between the money and Banking. Bank is an important and essential financial institution for the necessity of the use of money and the protection of the money in Background of the study.

Bank is a financial institution which connects the surplus side with deficit side. This is the institution which helps to develop the country’s economy and business. Bank is the payment agent for its customers. It is the place where people keep their money for safety. Bangladesh is a country of third world. Here rapid economic growth is very much needed. To ensure rapid economic growth banks are playing vitally important role.

Nationalized Commercial Bank is one which is concern with accepting deposit of money from the public, repaying on demand or otherwise and withdraw able on demand or otherwise and employing the deposits in the form of loan and investment to meet the financial needs of business and other classes of society. There are different functions of nationalized commercial Bank. Some Functions of Nationalized commercial Bank are as follows:

Current Account/ Demand Deposit
Saving Accounts
Fixed Deposit/ Time Deposit
Employment of funds/ Making loan and advances
Creation of money Nationalized Commercial Bank also perform some Agency service
Utility function