Internship Report Customer Satisfaction- A Study on Bank Asia Limited

A rapid boost up has been observed in the financial market of Bangladesh during last few years. Lots of financial institutions are competing in this market. At present competition is too immense that it is now a challenge for the banks to retain loyal customers. As there is lot of alternatives switching tendency of the customers has been increased. So Banks are trying to provide best service to their valued customers and to improve their service quality which is a critical element of customer perceptions. By nature the product of banking sectors are variable. As a result customer satisfaction heavily depends of the service quality of the bank. Service quality is the dominant element in customers’ evaluations. Service quality may also be very critical in determining customer satisfaction if customer services are offered in combination with a physical product. This research is directed to identify the satisfaction level of the customers of Bank Asia Limited. The primary data has been collected for the research by using a structured questionnaire. The non-probability convenience sampling technique has been followed to collect the required data from the customer.

The research has been conducted among 100 customers of Bank Asia Limited, Principal Office Branch. The rating of reliability dimension 3.86. That means the respondents agree that Bank Asia Limited provides promised service with a sincere attention to customers at a reasonable price. For the responsiveness dimension the rating is also 4.00 that indicate that the respondents are moderately agree that Bank Asia Limited has willingness to help customers and provide prompt services. For assurance the rating is 3.97 that identify the courteous service that makes the customers confident about quality service. The respondents have rated the bank 3.78 in terms of empathy dimension. This indicates that the employees of the bank pay attention to the customers individually and to their specific needs. The respondents have rated 3.95 for the tangibles of the bank. This shows the modern-looking appealing environment of the bank. The bank premise and interior is pretty much impressive.

Most of the cases of dissatisfaction among the customers come from the lack of ATM or credit cards which was observed from practical experience at Principal Office Branch. It was also observe that, customers are quite dissatisfied to Bank Asia because it offers few new products and offering where others third generations banks offer more. So the bank fails to provide convenient services.

As the financial market is developing the competition is intensifying. According to become a market leader Bank Asia Limited should introduce a variety of new products and ATM cards as soon as possible. Most importantly the bank should maintain the level of service quality to retain loyal customers. 
by maruf hasan