Internship Report on Customer Satisfaction of Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd

In Bangladesh, the real estate business started in 1964. Ispahani Ltd. was the pioneer in this sector. During 1970s there were fewer than five companies in Bangladesh engaged in this business. But now this is a booming sector of the company. Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. is a market leader in the real estate building & development sector. Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. is our environmentally responsible response to the rapid spate of urbanization in Bangladesh. Pressures of urbanization in this country are compounded by the unfavorable land man ration.
Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. has embarked upon a mission to make the maximum use of minimum land being sensitive to both environmental concerns and social continuity. Planned development by Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. of the sites around the city has added value to those areas released pressure on inner cities and persecuted the city dwellers with breathing space. HL Real Estate at Corporate Branch has currently 150 employees, including drivers & peons. I have worked as an internship at Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. – Corporate Branch from 14th February. Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. is a fastest growing housing company in Bangladesh.
Secured Housing is a birth right of every human & as well as fundamental right. Purbachal HL City. a dynamic and realistic name emerged in 2009. The company appears with different commitment by applying update techniques of modern concept & healthy living.

Combining practicality with functional and aesthetic qualities, the contemporary styled Purbachal HL City. is a unique Satellite town planned around a snowing neighborhood of capital Dhaka. It promises tranquility, security and accessibility, a place where community living is enhanced by lush open spaces tastefully in decorated by invigorating pedestrian walkways and smooth thoroughfares. For those who demand the ultimate in waterfront living, Purbachal HL City. Offers the very best. A perfect place to live with expansive water views of the river Sitalakhya and the lavish landscaped greenery surrounding the development where the dwellers will enjoy the serenity of nature.

As Purbachal HL City managed by a team of qualified and competent Architects, Engineers and Technicians for Smooth and timely completion, planned on the doctrine of an independent self sufficient satellite town.

Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. participates on REHAB housing fair two times in a year. In the fair we take a stole for selling the plots. To make the sale successful the corporate office always provides feedback to the local office. We provide the brochures, maps, & other accessories so that the sales team can easily make their sales. Finally Holy Life (HL) Real Estate Ltd. has successfully established itself as one of the leading real estate developments in Bangladesh with reputation for a touch of class & dignity within the reach of all class of people.
by Mezbah Uddin