Internship Report on the Overview of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd with special reference to investment activities.

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Investment is the main part of the bank. This report contains handy information about investment of profit base bank. The first part of this report is introduction where contain statement of the problem, objective, methodology, limitation of the report. In the second part introduces the overview of AIBL introduces background, shariah and current position of the bank AIBL invest by mainly three mechanisms which describe in theoretical background. They are Bai-mechanism, Leasing mechanism & Share mechanism. AIBL commonly use Bai-mode. Sometimes they use Leasing-mechanism. Third part of this report introduces about the Theoretical Background. It is the discussion part about various special terms what I use in this report and various mode of investment. The fourth part is the main part where includes Findings and analysis. There are two types of investment. Sector –wise investment & Mode-wise investment. Here also describe the year wise investment of given Bank. In this report include the guide line of Bangladesh Bank about investment. In 2011 sector-wise investment was 59007.49 million & mode-wise investment was 62755.89 million. They also invested in Household Durable Scheme, Real Estate Investment Program etc. In this part Rural also Development Scheme is also included. The third part of the report is about the performance of AIBL in investment the growth of investment was 25% in 2011. This report is about some problems regarding. To analyze uses questioner method. AIBL on investment, such as the problems of Mudaraba is lack of govt. support, uncertain cost of capital, the problems of Musharaka lack of expertise persons, lack of legal frame –work of Islami Banking in Bangladesh. The problem of Ijarah is: disposing the asset, when the asset is no longer be needed, uncertainty about the total life of the asset etc. AIBL should initiate different investment modes according to diverse needs of clients by conducting huge research and study etc.

Al-Arafah Islami Bank was incorporated on 1995 as a public company with limited liability under the companies Act, 1913 (Amendment, 1994). The Bank started functioning from 27th September, 1995.The establishment of this bank ushered in a new era in Bangladesh, the 3rd largest Muslim Country of the world. The Bank is committed to run all its activities as per Islamic Shariah. IBBL through its steady progress and continued success has, by now, earned the reputation of being one of the leading private sector banks of the country.

In a Bank there are main three division are remain which are General Banking, Investment & Foreign Exchange. Investment is main part of the Bank. Basically it is the main part of a Bank. Because it proper distribution and collection increases cash inflow in the Bank. This is the main source of owner dividend. A Bank can be disrupted by the miss distribution of Investment. A bank always wants to maximize the investment but in the investing time it important to analyze the proposal of the respective client. Actually a bank growth depends on proper investment.

It has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure. As our educational system predominantly text based, inclusion of practical orientation program is an exception to the norm. From practical knowledge, we will be able to know real life situations and start a career with some practical experience. In such state of affairs the present aiming at analyzing the experience of practical orientation related to an appraisal of Al- Arafah Islami Bank Limited and my report topic has been selected as “A Critical Analysis of Investment policy - A case study on Al- Arafah Islami Bank Ltd., Sonargaon Janapath Road Branch”. 
by Ariful Islam