Internship Report on the Problems and prospects of SME Financing- A Study on BRAC Bank

Internship Program is a great opportunity to justify the theoretical knowledge in respect to the practical world. So, it is a proper decision from the Department of Finance to introduce this type of Program for the students for better understanding and orientation with the practical job environment.

Internship report is prepared as a requirement of BBA program of Jagannath University. This report provides a clear idea with working experiences in BRAC Bank to learn about the activities and operational strategies of BRAC Bank and how its activities are separate from the activities of conventional banks of Bangladesh. Especially this report focuses on “SME Financing of BRAC Bank Limited”.
In recent days the small and medium enterprise (SME) financing has become an important area for commercial banks in Bangladesh. To align its corporate policy with the regulation of central bank, banks have become more concerned about SME and opened windows to conduct business in this particular area. This study has been conducted to fulfill the requirements of eighth term BBA program and gain an insight about the present condition of small and medium enterprise in the economy of Bangladesh and their financing scenario in light of Bangladesh bank regulation.
Broad Objective
To know details of SME loan in BRAC Bank Ltd
Specific Objectives
  • To know the SME loan activities in BRAC Bank
  • To find out basic appraisal of SME loan
  • To know the enterprise selection criteria to provide SME loan
  • To know the terms and conditions of SME loans
  • To Analyze micro and macro environment of the economy
  • To analyze the SME sector in Bangladesh
  • To analyze the Marketing Procedure of SME loans of BRAC Bank
  • To know the expectations of customers of BRAC Bank
  • To know the internal strength of SME related services of BRAC Bank Ltd.
  • To know the disbursement and recovery procedures of SME loans
  • To make some recommendations and conclusion to further the development of SME loan products of BRAC Bank Ltd.

Scope of the Study

The study will provide the scopes of knowing the following:

a) The total concept SME loan

b) BRAC Bank specially focusing on SME loan to promote small entrepreneurs all over the country

c) Characteristic of SME loan as a sophisticated area of finance.

d) Recent performance level of the BRAC Bank SME loan in the country.

e) Entry of commercial banks into SME banking industry in Bangladesh

f) Small entrepreneurs of rural –urban spectrum are enjoying the BRAC Bank loan facility without coming in the bank
by Partha Bhakta