Term paper on Organizational Behavior Practices in Grameenphone Limited- An Study on Organizational Efficiency

More than ever before, managers would agree that employees make a critical difference when it comes to innovation, organizational performance, competitiveness, and thus ultimately business success. What can organizations do to attract and keep creative, dedicated, and thriving employees who make organizations flourish? Which working conditions inspire employees to be engaged, give their best, go the extra mile, and persist in the face of difficulties? Instead of traditional organizational structures that heavily rely on management control and economic principles of cost reduction, efficiency, and cash flow, the focus in modern organizations is on the management of human capital. Currently, organizations expect their employees to be proactive and show initiative, collaborate smoothly with others, take responsibility for their own professional development, and to be committed to high quality performance standards. Thus employees are needed who feel energetic and dedicated, and who are absorbed by their work. In other words, organizations need engaged workers.
Employee Development is one of the most important functions of Human Resource Management. Employee development means to develop the abilities of an individual employee and organization as a whole so; hence employee development consists of individual or employee and overall growth of the employee as when employees of the organization would develop the organization, organization would be more flourished and the employee performance would increase. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between Employee Development and Employee Performance. As when employees would be more developed, they would be more satisfied with the job, more committed with the job and the performance would be increased. When employee performance would increase, this will lead to the organization effectiveness.

b. Rationale of the study: The study is based on the following rationales:
1. Organizational efficiency is very much important tool to measure organizational performance.
2. Special emphasis has to given on improving organizational efficiency to produce better working environment for the employees.
3. To make effective organizational culture that can be understandable by all so as to improving organizational performance.
d. Statement of the study: The problem based on which this study is conducted is “to have an overview of the organizational behavior practices in Grameenphone Limited with a special emphasis on organizational efficiency”
c. Objectives of the study: The objective of the study is categorized into two spectrums and mentioned here.
Broad: To find out the efficient utilization of organizational resources for the achievement of organizational goals.

Ø To know how organization behaves in adverse situation.
Ø To understand the strength of the organization.
Ø To identify effective communication structure of the organization.
Ø To get the inside of utilizing competent human resources for the betterment of organization.
Ø To analyze different functions and units of the organization.
Ø To find out the employee development initiatives of the organization.
Ø To get the view of common culture practiced within the organization.

d. Limitations of the study: This study was conducted based on information given by the concerning employees. The time allocation for conducting the study was too short. Most of the time is spent on conducting interviews with respondents. The official personnel were not found in all the time to get an interview. There is hardly any scale found for measuring employees’ performance in regards with efficiency. With limited interaction with the authorized person and other senior employees the survey results are presented in this report, however a more comprehensive interpretation of results still rests with the organization.