Report on Customer satisfaction level in communication issue in Airtel

Airtel is one of the famous brands of Bangladesh which specialty is providing tale-service in Bangladesh. Mobile operator Warid has been changed to Airtel. From now Warid user is Airtel user. 2oth December 2010 Airtel launch their program in Bangladesh. Airtel has bought 70% share of Warid Telecom and its new name is Airtel Bangladesh Limited.

Airtel has developed there networking system across the country including rural areas for better service. Airtel is using same logo in Bangladesh which is also use in India for a global introduction. Airtel will give more facilities to its consumer. According to BTRC Airtel have four million users in Bangladesh.

We made a closed ended questionnaire which is easy to handle and could be more relative with our objective. Our sample size is 80. We have chosen stratified sampling method to collect the information from our respondents. After collecting opinions from the regular customer of Airtel. We use SPSS software for our research to have a more a constructed result of our which will be very easy to understand and to analyze the results.

In January 2010, Bharti Airtel Limited, Asia’s leading integrated telecom services provider, acquired 70% stake in Warid Telecom, Bangladesh, a subsidiary of the UAE-based Abu Dhabi Group.

Bharti Airtel is making a fresh investment of USD 300 million to rapidly expand the operations of Warid Telecom and have management and board control of the company. This is the largest investment in Bangladesh by an Indian company. Dhabi Group continues as a strategic partner retaining 30% shareholding and has its nominees on the Board of the Company.

The new funding is being utilised for expansion of the network, both for coverage and capacity, and introduction of innovative products and services. As a result of this additional investment, the overall investment in the company will be in the region of USD 1 billion.

This is Bharti Airtel’s second operation outside of India. The company launched its mobile services in Sri Lanka in January 2009 on a state-of-the-art 3.5G network. The company crossed the 1 million customers mark within six months of launch on the back of innovative offerings as well as rapid expansion of network coverage and distribution.

The businesses at Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s)

1) Mobile services

2) Broadband and telephone services (B&T)

3) Enterprise services

The Airtel Logo: The Airtel logo is a strong, contemporary and confident symbol for a brand that is always ahead of the rest. It is a specially drawn word mark.

The Airtel Image style: It incorporates two solid, red rectangular forms whose counter form creates an open doorway.

Functions: Total 13 functions combine Airtel Bangladesh Limited workforce. These are:
ü  Customer Care
ü  Supply Chain Management
ü  Network
ü  Operational Excellence
ü  Human Resources & Administration
ü  Sales
ü  Information Technology
ü  Corporate Affairs
ü  Finance
ü  Marketing
ü  Legal & Secretarial
ü  CEO Office
ü  Corporate Assurance Group