Proposal on Credit Management Policy of Janata Bank Ltd

A theoretical section is given in this proposal to give an insight to the various information concerning about the financial functions. A background of Janata Bank Limited is given in order to facilitate the understanding of this proposal. Every single portion is discussed in order to understand the empirical section.

Empirical approach

This refers to the information that has been directly collected and interpreted from the survey of Janata bank Limited. The proposal is prepared by interviewing the officials of Janata Bank Limited.


There are three types of schedule commercial banks are in operation in our economy. They are Nationalized Commercial Banks, Local Private Commercial Banks and Foreign Private Commercial Banks. JBL has discovered a new horizon in the field of banking area, which offers different General Banking, Investment and Foreign Exchange Banking system. So I have decided to study on the topic “Credit Management of JBL”. Because the proposal of the university is an integral part of the BBA program. So it is obligatory to undertake such task by the students who desirous to complete and successfully end-up their BBA program. This also provides an opportunity to the students to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are required to work on a specific topic based on their theoretical and practical knowledge. That is why I have prepared this proposal.


This proposal covers the overall activities performed by “Janata Bank Limited”, such as General banking, Loans and Advances, Foreign exchange and Trades. This proposal has been prepared through extensive discussion with bank employees and with the customers.

ü The time period for this study was short.

ü The staffs of the branch were some times so busy that they could not help us all time.

ü Preparing proposal is really troublesome.

ü This type of proposal preparation is expensive.

ü Collection of data was not smooth.

ü Analysing with financial data is much more confusing and complicated than any other data.

ü Secrecy of management.

ü Lack of knowledge and experience among the officials.
History of Janata Bank Limited

Janata means people. This is a progressive Bank. Janata Bank Limited has been incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 21May 2007 vide certificate of incorporation # C 66933 (4425)/07. The bank has taken over the business of Janata Bank Emerged as a Nationalized Commercial Bank in 1972, Pursuant to Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) Order No, 1972 (President Order No. 26 of 1972) on a going concern basis through a vendor agreement signed between the Ministry of finance of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh on behalf of Janata Bank and the board of directors on behalf of Janata Bank Limited on 15 November 2007 with a retrospective effect from 1 July 2007. The Bank’s current shareholdings comprise Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and other 7 shareholders nominated by the Government. The Bank has eight hundred forty eight (848) branches including four (04) overseas branches and a 100% owned subsidiary Janata Exchange Company.

The principal activities of the Bank are providing of all kinds of commercial banking services to its customers and the principal activities of its subsidiaries are to carry on the remittance business and to undertake and participate in any or all transaction, and operations commonly carried or undertaken by remittance and exchange houses.