Report On Customer Satisfaction about Marketing Mix of Windows 7

The main aim of international marketing is to provide solid foundations that are useful for explanation, prediction and control of the international business activities. I am not an expert in Windows 7 or OS but I have made analysis on the firm’s global marketing strategy in the field of their brand awareness, products and system design, product positioning, preference, marketing mix, distribution and customer service.

I have noticed that the firm utilized generic marketing strategy such as moderate cost leader in business, though it is the sole producer of the OS from the time of very inception. It has differentiated goods that are facilities and services to satisfy the needs of customers through a sustainable competitive advantage. International marketing refer to using common products, price, promotions and distribution program on a world basis.

My secondary data is the most of important for our research and I contributed in the area such as group or segment those types of potential customers that are most likely to benefit from their product line. That is why we effectively utilized the periodical articles which can be a great source of product, marketing and industry information. (Periodicals refer to magazines, journals and newspapers. Besides I have made a good field work in order to make a survey on the consumer satisfaction.

Although we are living in an electronic age that is age of technology, there is still much information that can only be or best be found in print resources or books at library. MS management level is completely centralized as much as possible within the framework compulsory by fundamental policy and strategy decisions requiring increasing flexibility and operational efficiencies, as well as the group-wide need for alignment and people development may also set limits to decentralization.
Based on the study of my analysis I can interpret it as one of the best OS of the present context and since the technology is developing at the speed of light so as to be done in its facilities and performance.

It has become essential for everyone to be concerned and gather ideas on the present technology that is the development in the computer sector, for instance in the Operating System (OS) of PC. As our educational system is predominantly based on the text so inclusion of practical orientation program as an academic component is an exception to the norm. Recognition of the practical experience through such ways is really a best effort of the betterment in the future.

This is because the theoretical knowledge gets the perfection with its practical implementation. In order to make such a report the students are bound to collect both primary and secondary data. And for doing this they have to search for various branches of the data collection eg newspapers, journals, periodicals, websites etc. And beside this they have to make practical field work to make survey for perfect analysis and measure customer satisfaction.