Internship Report on Measuring Customer Satisfaction of Agrani Bank Ltd- A Study on Shyamoli Branch

This internship report is prepared on the basis of four years long theoretical knowledge and one and 2 months long practical experience at the Shayamoli Branch of Agrani Bank Ltd (ABL). This internship program and preparation of this report helped me a lot to learn about the practical environment and situation of a financial institution and also make up a bridge between the theoretical and practical aspects.

The economic development of a country depends largely on the activities of commercial Banks. ABL is one of the largest commercial Bank of Bangladesh. The main objective of the Bank is to provide all of banking services at the doorsteps of the people. The ABL plays a pioneering role in handling foreign exchange transactions. With wide network of branches at home and abroad, the bank maintains the largest volume of export-import business including homebound remittances. JBL has already established a worldwide network and relationship in international Banking through its 4 (four) overseas branches and huge number of foreign correspondents. The Bank has earned an excellent business reputation through customer satisfaction.

This internship report is aimed at providing a comprehensive picture to the areas of “Customer Satisfaction” of ABL and a pinpoint analysis of the operations and performances of the bank, also recommending for possible solution of problems. The report is based on primary and secondary data from different sources. In this report I have tried to show the contribution of ABL Customer service operation to satisfy their customers.

I have taken all the reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and quality to make the report standard. And I believe that it has included all the necessary information to be relevant, reliable and useful.

Customer satisfaction is imperative for the long-term success of any organization. The more the competition, the higher is the necessity to keep the customers satisfied. In this competitive atmosphere, it becomes essential to understand the factors which might affect customer satisfaction in Agrani Bank. In this study the researchers studied the construction of customer satisfaction with respect to Agrani Bank from a qualitative perspective. Banking is one the most competitive industries in Bangladesh that has seen a huge amount of growth during the last decade. A large number of new banks have made their places in the industry and yet there are more to register in the list. In such a highly competitive service industry, the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be de-emphasized. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty gives a firm better base than its rivals and allows it flourish in the industry. Agrani Bank is the leading provider of financial services. With its strong corporate image and identity it can make better position in the minds of customers. This image has helped Agrani bank to grab the personal banking sector of Bangladesh very rapidly. Agrani bank is one of the most flourishing Banks of Bangladesh with wide growth opportunities in the industry. Agrani bank with its strong corporate image and organizational strength can successfully utilize the opportunities and overcome its weaknesses.

In today’s world the functions of a bank is not only limited in the national frontier its operations also stretches in different parts of the world by way of foreign trade. So in order to keep pace with the growing consumer demand, the banks are offering a wide variety of services according to the consumer’s needs. Due to globalization and free market economy, this industry is facing severe competition. Most of the banks fail due to lack of proper strategic planning and goals. One of the major reasons of their poor performance is adaptation of traditional banking system. They are quite slow in embracing new product line, less concerned about attracting as well as satisfying customers and unwilling to implement information technology (IT) . That is why it is very necessary for each and every bank to evaluate its performance over the periods. But the most important thing is that nearly all of the banks are more focused on sale rather than on service, despite the fact that they know how to satisfy their customer.