Term Paper on Women’s contribution in Bangladesh police and its positive impact on overall policing

Women Police is essential unit in any countries police service. In spite of being a challenging profession they are doing well in Bangladesh and all over the world. They can show positive role in the deduction of crime in the society. Bangladesh is an emerging country whose society contains of the combination of both open and closed society. The women policing has substantial influence in mounting or streamlining the society of Bangladesh.
My study has been continued through review of literature on women policing and a questionnaire survey on police personnel especially in Comilla region. The questionnaire has been shaped with different characteristics of contribution of women nationally as well as internationally in policing, their challenges and work environment through which I have collected opinion of them and how they want to contribute further. Based on the literature review and the group opinion outcomes of which I have tried to identify the points of contribution and challenges of women police and then to find out the possible remedial measures of it. The Statistics of the research outcome are shown in both tables and diagram.

As per my research findings, women police have to go through some problems when they are working as police such as inflexible working patterns; social pressures; men club network; sexual discrimination; family commitments; lack of adequate child care; and spouse/partners attitude. Following recommendations that will help women police services: Recruit a larger number of qualified and motivated women candidates and ensure their admission in the police education system and police service; make the selection process more gender sensitive; strengthen the professional development of women in the police; make sure that career advancement for women is not limited by formal and informal obstacles; create a welcoming environment. We are still at the beginning of the process of women policing and more needs to be done.

In criminal justice system police is one of the major and important components and woman is important entity of it. Now- a-days participation of women in police service is growing day by day. Women in policing for over 150 years and despite drastic resistance by the male-dominated field and public opinion have challenged traditional and stereotypical perceptions of “authentic” police officers; women have used their aptitudes and capabilities in policing to prove their efficiency as worthwhile police officers (Price, 1996). In more recent decades, the numbers of women entering policing have increased in many countries as well as Bangladesh, it is reported that in USA women now make up about 14.3% of sworn law enforcement positions among municipal, county, and state law enforcement.( Swanson, Territo, and Taylor (2008). Now women doing all sorts of Policing such as prevention and detection of crime ,maintaining peace and tranquility , foiling subversive activities and sabotage, vigilance against insurgent tendencies and enforcing laws of the land and certain orders of the government…… Females demonstrating good communication skills are excellent candidates for professions that focus primarily on dealing with the community….. Up-to-date police requires “intelligence, communication, compassion, and diplomacy” said by Houston Police Chief Elizabeth Watson and women police have all this criteria and for those causes they are strong candidates for policing who retains highbrow talent over physical competence. An article that appeared on the police employment.com (2009) website Women in law enforcement refers that is indeed a challenging job for women. Women who are police officers not only to manage their policing job but also their family commitments and social barriers. They have renovated their original social worker role in policing only because of their own determination and struggle (Barbara 1996). And for this drastic determination they have been able to contribute society very well in some regards better than their male counterparts. They have to go through some problems when they are working as police officers such as unbending working patterns; social pressures; men club network; sexual discrimination ;family commitments ;lack of satisfactory child care; and spouse/partners attitude(bony190). Challenges are more or less same for women all over the world. Nonetheless, the path to gender incorporation in the field of policing is still being fought in everyday situations and several issues still exist within policing because of the attempted gender integration. (Jenny Rizo 2010 ).This term paper however will point out the many strides of female in policing since their inception & discuss the obstacles and to overcome the obstacles and it will show how they assist or contribute the society after even facing interruption and how it helps to create positive impression on overall policing system.