Job Satisfaction and Mental Health Professionals at BKSP

The topic of the research is job satisfaction and Mental Health at the work place in BKSP. Bangladesh Institute of Sports was established in 1976, as a Government Department. Subsequently, in 1983, the name of Bangladesh Institute of Sports was changed to Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP) and as such became an autonomous statutory organization. The regular coaching and academic programmes commenced at the Institute from 14th April, 1986.

The aim is to define the determinants for job satisfaction and mental health to investigate the BKSP coaches & teachers. The study was conducted on 12 Teacher & 12 Coaches who age ranged from 22 to 65 years. For this make use of the bangali version of Bray Field Rother’s questionnaire (1951) translated by Professor Dr. Abdul Khalaque of Dhaka University was used to measure the job satisfaction of the Coaches & teacher. The Mental Health questioner prepared by Goldberg (1972) and later translated into Bngali by Srkar and Rahman (1989) was used for Coach& Teacher. Job satisfaction & mental health performance of the coaches & teachers in the selected variables was statistically analyzed using coefficient of correlation. This research statistical not significant.

I have divided this report in three major parts. First part contains Get up of the Report. 2nd Part Contain Body of the Report and third one is Appendix Part. The part two covers the following topics in a systematic manner.

In contemporary times psychology has come to play an important part in many aspects of human activities. More and more emphasis is being put on the mental well-being of people in order to enhance productivity. This trend can be witnessed in top sports (sports psychologists) or in day-to-day working life (Human Resource Management).

This report is based on a PGD program of sports psychology. BKSP provide a topic with its students after the completion of theoretical course of program of sports science. Each must carry out a specific project, which is assigned by the concerned institution and approved by the report project is to be submitted to the committee.