Thesis on Work Environment Job Security and Wage Structure of Labor Forces in Construction Industry

Bangladesh, an emerging country, has become one of the growing economies in the world. The country’s attractive growth rate is fueled by the infrastructure development. This development stage of the country has attracted lot of construction companies for ripe area of investment. A large part of the labor force of Bangladesh is working in construction industry. To ensure the proper working environment, job security & wage structure of the labor force the Bangladesh Labor code 2006 has come into play for the proper implementation of laws in the country.
In this report we have analyzed the changes in working environment, job security & wage structure related section in Labor Law 2006 comparing to the previous law. Our main focus is on the laws that are related to the construction labors. Then in the second part of the term paper we have showed the real practice in the Construction industry from Labor’s perspective. Finally, we attempted to show discrepancy between practical situation and the provisions of law and loopholes of present laws that go against labors’ interest.

Bangladesh is marching towards the progress, advancement and development. She is appearing as an emerging nation in the 21st century. The country is vastly emphasizing on her infrastructural development, as a country’s growth rate mainly depends on how well it can plan & implement its investment for infrastructural development. To keep pace with this massive structural development, construction industry has also boomed with nearly 60% of total labor forces in this industry.
Since British period, several laws were passed to secure labor forces interest and these laws have gone through several consequent amendments to cover newly emerged situation from time to time. Bangladesh labor code 2006 is one of the greatest amendments composed by amalgamating all the previous laws considering labor issues in all sectors of the country. This law very prudently included constructions labor issues to give labors a strong hand to get their right established.
The report is prepared for Professor Shakil Huda for the course “Legal Environment of Business” in order to fulfill our course requirement.
To analyze the work environment, job security & wage structure of labor forces in construction industry.
Research Design: In order to attain the aims of the term paper, qualitative methods are used.
Primary data were collected from face-to-face in-depth interviews with the respective lawyers & top executives & the permanent & temporary labor of construction industry. Primary data was the main source of desired information.
Secondary data were collected from sources like different textbooks, websites, newspapers & related journals etc.