Assignment on Population Size And Growth Compared With That Of Its Continent And The World

Human beings have been around for at least 200,000 years. For almost all of that time, their presence on the earth was scarcely noticeable. Population is the single most important set of events ever to occur in human history. It has changed and continues to alter the way of life in even the most remote corners of the earth. The number of people added to the world each day is unprecedented in history and unparalleled in its consequences. We now live in a world crowded not only with people but with contradiction.
There are more highly educated people than ever before yet also more illiterates; more rich people but also more poor; more well-fed children and also more hunger-ravaged babies whose images haunt us. We have better control over the environment than ever before, but we are damaging our living space in ways we are afraid to imagine.
Now the following description will focus on the most recent population size of Bangladesh compared with that of its continent and the world, also indicate what proportion the country’s and continent’s population is of the world.
The main objectives of this assignment are to create knowledge about the population growth of Bangladesh and comparison with its continent with the world and summarised the present population situation of the country.

The specific objectives of this study are:
Ø To gain an understanding about the overall situation of population growth;
Ø To identify the most recent population size compared with of its continent and the world;
Ø To indicate what proportion the continent’s population is of the world;
To know the rate of growth resulting from natural increase;