Internship report on one bank ltd

Banking sector, considered as ever growing child, in any country plays a pivotal role in setting the economy in motion and in its development process, while the banking structure -the number and size distribution of banks in a particular locality and the relative market power of specific banking institutions determines the degree of competition, efficiency and performance level of the banking industry. Bangladesh’s banking sector consists of Central Bank (named as Bangladesh Bank), Commercial Banks, Development Banks and Specialized Financial Institutions. The Commercial Banks comprise of Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCB), Local Private Banks, Foreign Private Banks, and Islamic Banks. In recent years, it is observed a mushroom growth in the banking sector in Bangladesh.
The very active and lively presence of private sector has stirred competition among the traditional Commercial Banks. The shadow of fierce competition in banking industry can be observed through the recent achievement of the Private Commercial Banks.

The competition to pursue clients and imitate one another is so intense that one bank lures efficient staff of another bank offering higher facilities to get better edge. Private Commercial Banks often introduce new and diversified financial products to provide wider option to customers. Without having an effective customer base, it becomes difficult for any bank to compete and sustain in the competitive market for the banking services.

In order to retain and attract new customers towards any particular bank, the bank management needs to have a clear operational efficiency and must thoroughly analyze the scopes for further development. Therefore it is a key area for the commercial banks to closely monitor their performance level, which comprises the functional units, that provides services to its clients.

So, taking the opportunity to highlight the analysis of the performance of the different functional units and prepare the study for my internship, I was allowed to share the practical experience with ONE Bank Limited, Gulshan Branch.

The study was conducted on the various departments of ONE Bank Limited, Gulshan Branch of ONE Bank Limited is considered to be one of their prior concerned branches, as there are many business and financial institutions located in the adjacent areas near Gulshan. Therefore, the activities carried out by the personnel of the various departments needs to be well acquainted with the customer oriented services. So, being a business graduate it was challenging experience for me to concentrate on customer services being provided by ONE Bank Limited. Meeting the customer requirements with the well-maintained operations of the departments was figured out and analyzed. Apart from the educational knowledge, the study put extra weight regarding the practical field and real life activities followed in the bank. Moreover, the study carried out also added value to the technical mechanisms and operations of the OBL. Along with my experience, the bank will be able to identify their flow of operations and can identify in which functional departments, the bank needs to put extra concentration so that the operations are well acquainted with the desired services offered by the bank to its clients.

The basic scope of conducting this study is to analyze the performance of various departments of ONE Bank Limited considering the Gulshan Branch. Through investigation and analysis of the respective departments over the years of operation can highlight the banks performance when compared to other commercial banks operating in the country. Due to modern concept in the banking operations are being practiced by different banks, the banking arena is considered to be very competitive. Therefore in keeping up with the performance through customer oriented services, ONE Bank Limited must be aware of its total operation procedure which can be determined by the performance of the respective departments.

In this research work, the overall view of the banking system, its history and mechanism, policies and appraisal of ONE Bank Limited and other areas of activity is extensively analyzed and the findings is clarified along with in depth study. The main part of the study covers the General Banking, operational scenario of Credit Department, Foreign Exchange, Remittance, Retail Banking Departments of ONE Bank Limited, Gulshan Branch. This will eventually refer that how the bank help the customers securing their cash and assets, getting credit facility, exporting and importing the goods and how it remits money of the foreign clients, etc.