Internship Report on Foreign Exchange Activities of Jamuna Bank Limited

Internship is prerequisite for completing the practical side to fulfill the BBA program. Theoretical session alone cannot make a business student efficient and perfect in handling the real life business situation. Only a lot of knowledge will be little important unless it is applicable in practical life. So we need proper application of our knowledge to get some benefit from our theoretical knowledge to make it more fruitful. When we engage ourselves in such fields to make proper use of our theoretical knowledge in our practical life situation, only then we come to know about the benefit of the theoretical knowledge. Such an application is made possible through internship.
1.2 Scope of the Study:
As I was posted to Jamuna Bank Limited, Dhanmondi Branch, the scope of the study is only limited to this branch, the report covers its overall department wise function, structure and performance. The report also covers details about Jamuna Bank Limited

1.3 Objective of the Study:
The main objectives of the study are follows:

Broad Objectives:
· To observe the foreign exchange operation of JBL and their services.
· To observe the major outline of Foreign Remittance activities of JBL.

Specific Objectives:
· To develop the theoretical knowledge by the practical orientation of work.
· To build up the pillar of the career for near future and to know about banking operational activities.
· Utilization of E Form,
· To know the procedure of E Form.
· To maintain a healthy growth of export and imports well as remittance.
· To identify the customer service of JBL.

1.4 Methodology:
All the information incorporated in this report has been collected both from the primary sources as well as from the secondary sources. To clarify different conceptual matters, Internet and different published articles in the journals and books have been used. Trend statement has been used and we consider average export import amount as a base year for trend statement analysis. For analyzing data simple mathematical calculation, software likes MS word and Ms Excel have been used for calculation purposes.

1.5 Sources of Data
Different data have been collected for completion of this report. These data have been collected from various sources. Most of the data have been collected from secondary sources which showed below:

Secondary Sources of Data:
• Annual report of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
• Bangladesh Bank Periodical.
• Internet
• Progress report of the Bank
• Several kinds of Academic text-book and training sheet
• Different publications regarding banking functions and foreign exchange operations.
• Instruction Manual provided by JBL Head Off

Primary Sources of Data:
• Personal observation
• Face to face conversation of officers and clients
• Relevant file study provided by the officers concerned
• Working at different desks of the Bank

1.6 Limitation of the Study:

From the beginning to end, the study has been conducted with the intention of making it as a complete and truthful one. However, many problems appeared in the way of conducting the study. During the study it was not possible to visit the whole area covered by the bank although the financial statements and other information regarding the study have been considered. During the study, I have faced the following limitations:
· It was difficult to collect data, which is very essential.
· It was very difficult to collect the information from various personnel for their job constraint.
· Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others.
· Sufficient books, Publications, Facts and Figures were not available.
· Banking is a too vast sector with various changes in its functions over the day to cope up u with.
· As some of the fields of banking are still not covered by our courses, there was difficulty in understanding some activities.

Another limitation of this report is Bank's policy of not disclosing some data and information for obvious reason, which could be very much useful.