Report on Global Human Resource Management Practices

Report on Global Human Resource Management Practices: A case study of Coca Cola Company

Throughout this paper, we can know about the strategic role of HRM functions at Coca-Cola Company Ltd. which is a successful business company. The successfully operates its business in host countries by using their nationals. This paper basically represents the overall human resource management practices of Coca-Cola Company Ltd.

At first in the introduction chapter statement about the problem, scope, limitations and methodologies are included. After that in the second chapter company overview, its mission, values and believes as well as business horizon are discussed. Some theoretical issues of recruitment and selection issues are discussed as well as discussed about the Coca-Cola Company’s overall human resource policies are focused in the findings and analysis chapter.

Finally in chapter four Company’s recommendations and conclusion is drawn. And if we go through this paper we will reached in the conclusion that managing people in the multinational context is the essence of international human resource management and this requires a broader perspective of what operating internationally involves a clear recognition of operations in different functional, task and managerial capacities are essential.