Internship Report on Implication of Marketing Mix- Case Study on Biswas Builders Limited

Urbanization is an outcome of both population growth and rural-urban migration. As urbanization increases, more and more people are becoming city dwellers. Bangladesh is not an exception of this picture. The ever-increasing urban population is inducing demand for a shelter. The right of shelter is a fundamental right, which is ensured by both UN declaration and the constitution of Bangladesh. But it is very difficult on the part of the government of Bangladesh alone to ensure housing for all. Here comes the need of private sector real estate development.This report titled “Implication Of Marketing Mix-A Case Study On Biswas Builders Limited is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of Internship of BBA. Program Under University of Development Alternative (UODA). Biswas Builders Limited in one of the renowned and well established real estate company in Bangladesh. In the beginning the company was engaged with the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and culverts project etc. with fame. Since 1995 Biswas Builders Limited has started apartment business to solve the residential problem in Dhaka city. They constantly focus on understanding and anticipating customer needs.

In this report try to present the implication of product criteria, price procedure, distribution activities and promotion analysis as well as application. Under this report also provide some recommendation and try to find out the SWOT of sales and marketing department of Biswas Builders Limited.
Basically, I have tried to illustrate the marketing activities more specifically Implication Of Marketing Mix Of the Biswas Builders Limited.
Dhaka city, born during the Moghul Empire and grow with the British rule, is expanding rapidly. From the beginning of the 20th century its growth and latter development is marked with sheer lack of proper and far-reaching planning. The impact is now being felt at the end of the century. Dhaka city is undergoing terrific growth phase throughout the last two decades. While there are so many real estate developer in the market, there are also very few of them who have maintained the quality, safety and customer preference. It is customary in the country that the first day quality and impression is lot after a while when people start getting a bit of familiarity. This happens due mainly to lack of professionalism. Sometime the customers here are in a fix to choose a particular brand out of many.
A good number of real estate companies are working under one umbrella association named “Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh” (REHAB). Almost 150 companies are at present affiliated with this association, while more than 400 companies are working independently.

As a student of University of Development Alternative (UODA) internship is a partial requirement for BBA. This report has been done after three-month internship with the host organization (Biswas Builders Limited). I was assigned to the Biswas Builders Limited and asked by my supervisor & honorable teacher Md. Shamim, Lecturer of University of Development Alternative (UODA) conduct me to prepare a report on "Marketing Mix (4 P’s – product, price, place, promotion) of Biswas Builders Limited"
This report is prepared as a requirement of “Internship program” course. My supervising teacher Md. Shamim authorized me to prepare it. This report was duly submitted before 28/08/2010

1.2 Objective of the study:
The objective of my study are focus from broader aspect as well as specific object that are given below:

1.2.1 Broad objective:
The objective of the study is to gather practical knowledge regarding Real Estate business as well as analysis of marketing mix of the Biswas Builders Limited.

1.2.2 Specific Objectives:
* To know the product class of the BBL.
* To Find out the product mix and line of BBL.
* To know the pricing strategy of BBL.
* To know the price setting system of BBL.
* To know the advertisement media of BBL.
* Identifying the distribution channel of BBL.

1.3 Scope of the report:
The findings of the research project will help the to customer to know the product Varity, price variation, about location knowledge. The developers will also know the desire of the customer, which may prompt them to adopt measures for customer satisfaction.

1.4 Methodology:
The report is prepared on the basis of Marketing Mix of the Biswas Builders Limited. Different files of the department and statement prepared by Sales & Marketing division helped me to prepare this report. The subject matter of this report is based on primary and secondary sources.

The study has worked out with due care to cover all necessary aspects of the real estate sector of Bangladesh. The primary objectives are chalked out and arranged according to weight age.
1.5 Sample Information:
For the organization part, much information will be collected from different published articles, journals, brochures and web sites. All the information incorporated in this report will be collected both from the primary sources and as well as from the secondary sources.

1.5.1 Primary Source of Data:
Collecting data directly from the practical field is called primary source of data. The method that will be used to collect the primary data is as follows:
Primary Sources are
* Face to face conversation with the Institutional clients & Customers.
* Face to face conversation to the customer on Random Basis.
1.5.2 Secondary Sources of Data:
The secondary data will be collected from different conceptual matters, internet and different articles published in the journals & magazines will be used.

Secondary Sources are
* Marketing & Sales department of the BBL.
* Abason Fair-2010.
* Internet.
1.6 Limitation of the Study:
There have been some limitation from which these report suffer. The limitations are briefly pointed out below Ü Like any other research, this report is limited to time and resource and only three month is not enough to cover such wide area of marketing mix as well as preparing this report which may takes more than a year.
Ü Lack of adequate information of real estate institution for preparing this report. So this report is based on only publicly available information.
Ü Lack of experience has also acted as constrains for the exploration of the topic. Extensive analysis of all the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) concept is not possible due to enlarge and diversification of the topic.
Ü Lack of availability of secondary information and data, as in many cases the updated information or data were not available.
Ü As I was the only one person, this report seriously suffered manpower constrains for a vast research.