Thesis on the strategic positioning of internet service company Qubee as a provider of Wireless technology in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has issued an invitation for proposals to establish, operate and maintain broadband wireless access services in Bangladesh. This document outlines Qubee Wireless Broadband Bangladesh’s business plan in response to this invitation.
Qubee has a vision of ‘broadband for all’. It means we aim to provide as many households and businesses as possible with the full internet experience: speed, reliability, reach, access and ease of use, boosting commerce and education in emerging markets. For Bangladesh, Qubee is uniquely positioned to deliver a widely available, accessible and affordable WiMAX broadband service fully in line with the coverage targets specified by BTRC. Qubee has exceptional expertise in the design, roll-out and delivery of telecoms networks in emerging markets- supported by – and with access to the resources of France Telecom.

There is considerable unmet demand for affordable broadband internet access in Bangladesh. Qubee’s detailed market review shows that broadband penetration will reach nine per cent of the residential population by 2013 and 15 per cent by 2018. These projections are significantly greater than the subscriber targets required in the BTRC licenses and are similar to the levels of internet penetration that we’ve seen achieved in other Asian and African markets.

Customer benefits
With pre- and post-paid services, Qubee will make sure the internet is available, affordable and accessible to the broadest possible range of households. We will guarantee:

  • · Availability through local partnerships and community access points;
  • · Affordability through multiple top-up card denominations and
  • · Accessibility by using small shops and consumer vendors as top-up card distribution points.
Qubee will deliver these propositions with a unique brand that is bold, inclusive and exciting. These core brand values are relevant to the young and technologically-savvy Bangladeshis. But they will also serve to inspire other groups within the population to engage with the power of internet connectivity. We are confident that the strength of our proposition and the relevance of our brand will enable us to meet comfortably the BTRC’s subscriber and usage targets.

Benefits for Bangladesh
First and foremost is fast, reliable internet access. But Qubee will bring five other substantial benefits to the country and its people.

Qubee will:
· Support literacy development through innovative, broadband-enabled literacy programmes targeted towards the youth and women of Bangladesh.
· Transfer industry-leading knowledge from Qubee’s highly experienced central management team to the local management team
· Create business opportunities through outsourcing of its support services.
· Share international learning from Qubee’s WiMAX operations in other developing markets.
· Drive the development of local content through working with the leading search engines and the development of a local Internet infrastructure.

Qubee’s skills and experience to deliver WiMAX broadband in Bangladesh are unparalleled. Augere will deliver to consumers a world-class broadband internet service offering access to all, irrespective of budget, and will provide many Bangladeshi consumers and businesses with the full internet experience for the first time.
Today’s business is changing rapidly all over the world. New technologies and scopes are making the business more diversified. In Bangladesh we also have the changing wave. To be in business and to compete with the word business trend, we need to and have to adopt the new way of technology. Our market is trying to keep in pace with this view.
This report is a try to have an over view of the most dynamic, fast changing and rapid growing market of wireless internet communication sector and its effect on our emerging capital market. With the slogan “Digital Bangladesh” government express its desire to nurse this sector. Though our wireless internet communication sector is not up to the mark comparing to the world level scale, but it is learning and improving rapidly. With a cheap trained labor cost in this sector we can hope a bright future of this sector. And as this sector grows we can see its effect on our capital market with more listed company, strong asset base and stable price. This report is all about picturing a future picture in capital market of Bangladesh basis on past and present performance of this sector.

Ø Background:
This report is prepared under MBA internship program as a mandatory part of the degree. For preparing this report I have been working in Qubee Ltd, it gives me inspiration to work on this subject to make a clear idea about the wireless internet communication sector in Bangladesh.
Ø Objectives:
Being the sole provider of actual wireless connection provider company The objectives of the report are :
1. To study the present situation of the listed wireless internet facilities providing companies in Bangladesh
2. To compare company position with other competitors.
3. To have an idea on the future aspects of this sector in Bangladesh .
4. To understand the prospects of this company by launching innovative products or services.
Ø Scope :
This paper discusses on the broad spectrum of the scopes and benefits of the wireless internet connection in Bangladesh which separates this company from other ISP service provider companies. This paper also highlights the limitations and risks involved with this company and also the solutions to each risk factors.
Ø Methodology:
This report is combination of descriptive and analytical type. I have tried to show the strategic positioning of Qubee by using primary and secondary source of data. Among them secondary source of data was my main concentration.
Source of data: Data were collected in two ways.
1. Primary data: These types of data are collected from personal conversation with the personnel’s related to wireless internet communication sector and from the various financial and administrative documents, which are not publicly published.
2. Secondary data: The secondary data are collected mainly from annual report of the selected company, internet, manuals, journals, periodicals, newspapers and other publications etc to get the wider view of this company.
Collected data has been segregated from the source material for the purpose of preparing report. For performing the analysis, section collected data has been compiled and processes for preparing the report. M S Office and other applications have been used for analysis and summary. Afterwards the collected data have been compiled in tables and presented in the body of the report. Mainly I have shown the strategic positioning advantage by using some matrix for evaluating strength and competitive advantage of the company named “Space matrix.”
Space Matrix:
The Space matrix is a management tool used to analyze a company. It is used to determine what type of a strategy a company should undertake. The Strategic Position & Action Evaluation matrix or short a SPACE matrix is a strategic management tool that focuses on strategy formulation especially as related to the competitive position of an organization.
The SPACE matrix can be used as a basis for other analyses, such as the SWOT analysis, BCG matrix model, industry analysis, or assessing strategic alternatives (IE matrix).
The SPACE matrix calculates the importance of each of these dimensions and places them on a Cartesian graph with X and Y coordinates, which will be shown in later chapter.
Ø Limitations:
Some limiting factors were faced while preparing the report. These factors are as follows:

§ Latest 2011 information was not available.
§ Information regarding the industry was not available.
§ Fragmented industry, so it was difficult to trace the competitors.
§ For privacy policy companies did not disclose all the data, especially financial data.
§ On the basis of meeting with the company responsible person, assumptions were made and used in this study.