Internship Report on Supply Chain Activities of a Real Estate Company

Internship Report on Supply Chain Activities of a Real Estate Company: A study on Fast Properties Ltd

Real Estate industry is a significant sector in our country. Real Estate company is very helpful for country’s economic growth and all over the world. Fast Properties Ltd. has started in the real estate sector with a view to offering the best quality apartments for the valued customers. Fast Properties Ltd. is highly concerned to build quality apartments with adroit workmanship and the best construction materials to exceed the clients' expectation on a continuous basis. Our highly satisfied owners of apartments are our best brand ambassadors. Within our sector, we are growing at a fast pace to meet the ever increasing demand of our prospective buyers. Fast Properties Ltd. has already completed about 64 projects in different respected areas of the city on time and earned great satisfaction from its clients.
Fast Properties Ltd. is a reputed name in the real estate development sector. The firm is equipped with well-trained professionals with a high degree of dedication and commitment towards their jobs to meet the growing demands of its highly valued clients up to the highest level of their satisfaction. Continuous improvement of its on-going technological change for the better has given the company its strong position in the market. Usage of quality materials with committed technical expertise supported by skilled labor force and supervised by extremely sincere management are responsible for the success of the company.

Spirited young professionals made Fast Properties Ltd. one of the leading developers of the country. The management takes special care to provide efficient marketing through its well-trained sales force. Fast Properties Ltd. recognizes the great efforts of its hard working professionals who are the key to its success and indispensable asset of the organization. The management of Fast Properties Ltd. does believe that only the achievement of the customers' satisfaction to its optimum level has led the company to the way of its being the market leader.
Since its establishment, the firm has experienced a series of success in its brief business history. This success would not have been possible without maintaining commitment, quality works and sincere blessings of our clients and the relentless effort and commitment from our dedicated team.

1.2 Origin of the Report
Internship for three months in private organizations, government offices, public sectors corporations or banks or other non-bank financial institutions is an integral part of the BBA Program of the business faculty in the Northern University Bangladesh (NUB). The objective of the programs is to expose the students in the organizational work situation. Each student is required to undergo the program and prepare a report according to a format specified by the supervision teacher.
As a regular student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, it requires an internship of three months attachment with an organization followed by writing and submission of a report. This report is an end result of an Internship attachment with one of the top Real Estate Company in Bangladesh name Fast Properties Ltd. as per the advices and recommendations of the honorable supervisors. This report will obviously increase the existing idea of different Real Estate Company.

1.3 Topic of the Report
To write a report it is necessary to select a topic. A well-defined topic reflects what is going on to be discussed throughout the report. The topic that has been assigned by organization supervisor is “The Supply Chain Activities of Real Estate Company – A Study on Fast Properties Ltd. at Mohammadpur, Dhaka.”

1.4Objective of the Report
The objective of the Internship is to expose the students in the organizational work situation and this report in an end result of such organizational involvement. The primary objective of this report is to explain the real life scenarios in the organizational working environment. But the objective behind this study may nothing be broader. Thus the objectives of the study are:
Ø The primary objective of the study is to meet the partial requirements for the fulfillment of the Internship program.
Ø The core objectives of the internship program are as follows -
Ø To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical filed
Ø To know the different sector of a Real Estate company
Ø To know the financial activities of the Fast Properties Ltd.
Ø To study existing agent customer relationship.
Ø To the acquainted with day to day functioning of service and product oriented verity business.

1.5 Scope of the Report
As the internship was conducted at Fast Properties Ltd. , the scope of the study is only confined to the day to day activities of this branch. The report covers some of its general information and work and services of this company.

1.6 Methodology
The study requires a systematic procedure from selection of the topic to preparation of the final report. To perform the study, the data sources were to be identified and collected, to be classified, analyzed, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner and key points were to be found out. The over all process of methodology has been given below:
A. Selection of the Topic: The topic of the study was chosen in consultation with the honorable supervisors. While assigning the topic necessary recommendations and suggestions were provided by our honorable supervisors to make this internship report a well organized.

B. Identifying Data Sources: Essential data sources, both primary and secondary data source, were identified that would be needed to carry on the study and complete this report.
Information collected to furnish this report is both from primary and secondary sources.
i) The Primary Data Sources are:
Face to face conversation with the officers
Practical desk work

ii) The Secondary Data Sources are:
· Different circular issued by the head office
· Official website of the Fast Properties Ltd.
C. Data Collection: The Primary data are collected through direct and face to face interview of the different personnel of the Fast Properties Ltd.

D. Classification, Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation of Data: Some collected data and to classifying those to interpret them in a clear and understandable manner.

E. Findings of the Study: The collected data were scrutinized and were pointed out and shown as findings. Few recommendations are also made for improvement of the current situation.

F. Final Report Preparation: On the basis of the suggestions of our honorable faculty advisors some corrections were made to present the paper in this form.