Internship Report On General Banking System and Foreign Exchange of Janata Bank

Chapter one: - I discussed about the General Banking system of Janata Bank, here I discuss about the overall function of Janata Bank that is Account opening section, Remittance section, Bills and clearing section, Loan and advance, Cash section, Mail receive and dispatch section, Accounts Section From above I am in Account opening, Remittance, Loan and advance and Account section. I know how to open an account, how to send and receive remittance, How to loan are sanction and allocation, how the Accounts section are adjust its various transaction.
Chapter Two: Foreign exchange department plays significant roles through providing different services for the customers. Letters of credit is the key player in the foreign exchange business. With the globalization of economies, international trade has become quite competitive. Timely payment for exports and quicker delivery of goods is, therefore, a pre-requisite for successful international trade operations. To ensure this purpose, JANATA Bank Limited transmits L/C through SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to the advising bank. JANATA Bank Limited is providing different sorts of L/C services like L/C opening, Lodgment, BLC (bills under letter of credit), Back to back LC etc. Foreign exchange department also provide foreign remittance i.e. traveler’s cheque, foreign demand draft, endorsement of US$ in passport etc.

From the Inception of banking business credit is an important tool in increasing productivity and thereby increasing the income of borrower. Adequate flow of credit can remove the financial constraints on the borrower. There has been phenomenal growth in the flow of credit after liberation due to government’s desire to increase productivity in the country. All the credit institutions were glared up through a dynamic credit policy to disburse both short term and long term credit. As a result, the flow of credit has increased significantly. As the volume of the loans has increased substantially over the years, the percentage of loan default increased gradually. This study is kind of analyzing the loan and advance of Janata Bank Limited. It is providing different types of loan term loan, joint venture loan, thrust sector loans which include another fifteen kinds of loans and special kinds of rural development loans, etc.

This report originates to fulfill the requirement of studying MBA program of Dhaka University. This program has been designed to facilitate the student with basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the job activities in the context of Bangladesh as well as worldwide.